Why Does the ‘Real’ Reason for Jamie Lee Curtis Leaving the Oscars Early Spark a Stir?

    Jamie Lee Curtis appeared at the Oscars to present an award but left midway through the ceremony. Fans later discovered the reason behind her departure. The reason made them further appreciate the actress for her relatable nature.

    Jamie Lee Curtis, acclaimed actress and film producer is recognized for her roles in “True Lies,” “Knives Out,” and “Halloween.” She made a stunning entrance at this year’s Oscars.

    She stepped onto the red carpet and dazzled in a breathtaking black Dolce & Gabbana gown. A diamond-encrusted gold cuff perfectly accented her outfit. Her chic vintage Hermès clutch featured a playful golden donut. It was a clever homage to her latest cinematic project, “Everything Everywhere All At Once.”

    As the ceremony went on, Curtis co-presented the award for Best Supporting Actress. As soon as she was done, the actress left Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre, where the Oscars happened.

    Soon after, she posted a relatable explanation of why she had to leave the biggest movie event of the year mid-way. Curtis posted her reason in the caption of her Instagram post. The pictures showed her in the car, ordering fast food, and a delicious-looking tray with a burger and fries.

    Jamie Lee Curtis's order, 2024 | Source: Instagram/jamieleecurtis

    “FLY IN✅ GET FLUFFED AND FOLDED✅PRESENT AT OSCARS✅ GO TO @inandout_burger ✅ FLY AWAY✅,” she captioned the post.

    As soon as fans found out the reason for her early departure, they could not contain their surprise. “Wooow, she’s as human as me 🤯,” posted a fan. “She’s human like the rest of us,” another agreed. “Being real mama…” commented a user.

    “Did you really left the Oscar ceremony at the middle of the show,” asked a fan. And indeed, she did just that. She left during the ceremony to eat some fries, a burger, and a refreshing cup of Coke for a quick meal.

    Curtis is known for her relatability and down-to-earth demeanor. She has prioritized food in the middle of an event before. In 2023, she paused an interview to enjoy a slice of pizza.

    Jamie Lee Curtis, 2023 | Source: Tiktok/@nikkisnook

    “I am so freaking hungry,” explained the actress. She took a bite immediately while talking about how long it had been since she last ate. With her mouth full, Curtis announced, “I am so happy!”

    Other celebrities try to appear elegant and sophisticated. Curtis is unapologetically herself. She had a slice of pizza in the middle of the interview, left the Oscars to grab a burger, and posed in her pajamas next to her glamorous picture in a gown.

    Fans love Curtis for her honesty and relatability. They also love her acting talents and style. As the actress continues her career in Hollywood, audiences are left to hope that Jamie Lee Curtis will continue being herself.

    The 96th Annual Academy Awards, held on March 10, was filled with surprises. From Emma Stone receiving her Oscar in a broken dress to Billie Eilish winning her second Oscar at the age of 22, the night was packed with memorable moments.

    One such moment was a tribute to the 46th Oscar Awards when a naked man suddenly ran up on stage while David Nien was introducing Elizabeth Taylor.

    “Can you imagine if a nude man ran out across the stage today?” comedian Jimmy Kimmel, this year’s Oscars host, asked, and an intriguing silence fell over the audience.

    Unlike the 70th Oscar ceremony, there was no random naked man. At this year’s awards show, it was, in fact, a very famous naked man who appeared with nothing but an envelope in his hands.

    John Cena, in all his glory and physique, awkwardly walked on stage and looked over the audience.

    One fan posted, “Wow… 😳”, noting that John was still in great shape and thinking his performance was the best part of the show.”Loving Cena more and more!” another user wrote.

    However, not everyone was in love with the idea of the naked Cena on stage.“Embarrassing. This the best they could do,” posted a user.

    A fan attempted to defend the actor by commenting, “Guys, it was funny and kids would have giggled also. He did nothing offensive but wear what God gave him.” Another user agreed, writing, “He’s used to it as a wrestler. With a bod like that, why not.”

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