She stole the heart of Tommy from Peaky Blinders! This is who became Murphy’s biggest love


    Millions are discussing the wife of Tommy from «Peaky Blinders»!? The fans were horrified to see the woman whom Cillian Murphy fell in love with! ??

    There is barely anyone who doesn’t know this talented, charismatic and in-demand actor whose great contribution to the Hollywood film industry can’t be overestimated. Only little is known about his personal life.

    What is known for sure is that he has happily been married to artist Yvonne McGuinness for nearly 20 years. The future couple first met during the play «Disco Pigs» which became fatal for the legendary movie star.

    The famous couple rarely makes appearance in public and doesn’t share any details about their life. They are not active on social media. The family enjoys their time in Ireland and tries to keep themselves away from the public eye.

    Yvonne’s unwavering support and dedication to the notable actor can hardly be overestimated. Cillian himself doesn’t like show business and spends most of his time with his precious family.

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