Only at the age of 80 this grandma finally decided to renovate her old apartment, the result is excellent

    When this grandmother was offered to renovate her apartment, she always said that she didn’t have long to live. She lost her husband just after turning 50.
    Grandma may not live long, but for now she is enjoying her life? She goes out for walks with her friends and goes shopping.
    For 15 years now, we have all been trying to persuade her to renovate, but she always says that she wants the house to remain the same as it was during her husband’s time. But finally she agreed that the house had been renovated.

    First, we renovated the kitchen to make it bright and comfortable, then we tidied up the bathroom. After that, they suggested that the grandmother at the same time agree to beautiful ceilings and at least throw in fresh linoleum. We bought new furniture and changed the wallpaper that she had once hung with her grandfather. Then the walls were plastered and primed.

    After such a huge job, we had to remove all the garbage from the apartment. We checked the wiring and moved the switches to a convenient location.

    We made putty, first the main one, then the finishing one, and applied the base. We also replaced the radiators? Finally everything went according to plan.

    After the walls had dried, we sanded them, then painted the ceiling and decorated it with ceiling plinths.

    We chose vinyl wallpaper on the basis of fleece. To get a modern result, one wall was made patterned, and the rest were plain.

    And here’s the fun part! Grandma decided to leave the old cabinets in the house in memory of her grandfather, but it’s good that she agreed to a new sofa! Now, of course, the grandmother will feel better.

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