«She looks 10 years older than her real age» Andie MacDowell became the subject of discussions among fans

    Famous actress Andie MacDowell is one of the most talented and attractive women in Hollywood. But recently she decided to accept her aging and embrace her old age with joy. The star surprised all her fans when she appeared on the red carpet with gray hair. She confidently claims that this appearance makes her happy.

    «I noticed that my sister doesn’t dye her hair and looks fantastically beautiful. So, I also decided to have such unusual hair and I think it looks great», the actress explained. Andy even thanked nature for such natural beauty.

    She thinks about maintaining her flawless figure at any age. She gave birth to three children but has a beautiful physique. «To love our body we must always be confident in ourselves. But it’s certainly not easy», she said.

    Besides her, the whole family and even friends happily accepted her with such a natural look and she was surprised for such a response. Do you think this new look suits her or not?

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