“Envy silently”: The recent photo shared by Zeta-Jones where she kisses her 78-year-old husband caused a stir

    Zeta Jones gave a hot kiss to her 78-year-old husband and was heavily criticized

    The latest photo posted by the 53-year-old outstanding and successful actress where she shared a heartwarming kiss with her beloved one who is, believe it or not, already 78, has long been discussed by millions of netizens. Many were greatly surprised to see how Douglas, her husband, has aged during the period of this time rushing to heavily criticize the Hollywood couple. “I hardly recognized Douglas”, “He has considerably aged becoming a wrinkled elderly man”, “I wonder, what did she find in him?”.

    “She is married to an aged and unenthusiastic grandfather”, “What an admirable couple”, “Envy silently”, “They are, for sure, the most beautiful couple in Hollywood”.

    “I myself love this iconic couple”, “Surprisingly, they look quite harmonious together”,

    Do you find the big age difference between spouses normal?

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