Richard Gere’s actress ex-wife divorced him for a party life, demanding his money. Lowell believed she should get $100 million

    Richard Gere’s actress ex-wife divorced him for a party life and demanded his money.

    In his late 60s, Richard found love with a longtime friend who became his wife and made him the dad of two more sons at 70.

    The spouses enjoy a very private but happy life with little kids.

    After him becoming a father again at 70, Richard Gere’s wife has shared photos of their little family on social media often. The family appears happy and comfortable together after Gere suffered a tough first marriage.

    Alejandra Gere, Gere’s current wife, recently took to Instagram to wish her followers a Merry Christmas. The photo showed the family standing on a pier overlooking calm waters as they held hands.

    The pair now live a calm and private life, which means the photo of the family was a rare occurrence. Yet fans loved seeing the family posing together, sending them good wishes for the festive season.

    How Did Gere’s Ex-Wife Divorce Him for a Party Life?
    Gere and his ex-wife, Carey Lowell, were married for 11 years before she decided to call it quits with the actor. A source close to the couple at the time said they had spent a considerable amount of time apart and decided that divorce was the best option for them.

    It was said that the pair decided to split because of their differing worldviews. Gere is a Buddhist and prefers privacy, whereas his ex-wife enjoys socializing and rubbing shoulders with big celebrities.

    Following their divorce announcement, rumors began to fly about the divorce settlement that was ahead of the couple. Sources confirmed that even in divorce, they could not seem to reach an agreement.

    While Lowell believed she should get $100 million of Gere’s $250 million fortune, he strongly disagreed. She made the argument that she had given up her career for Gere’s career and for their son, Homer.

    Carey Lowell and Richard Gere during "Chanel" Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Departures at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, New York, United States on May 2, 2005 | Source: Getty Images

    Lowell made it clear she felt she deserved half of Gere’s earnings because the pair had married years earlier, and she had helped him build his career at the time. However, Gere did not concur.

    The couple also had a custody battle over their son, but they quickly settled that case. While their custody battle was short lived, representatives for the couple refused to comment on the terms of the agreement.

    Four years after announcing their divorce and a bitter court battle between the pair, they were finally legally divorced. Details about the settlement reached were not released at the time and have remained private since.

    How Did Gere Find True Love and Become a Dad Again at 70?
    After spending much of his 60s battling his ex-wife, Gere finally found love again in the arms of a new woman. Their first meeting was in 2014 when Gere stayed at Alejandra’s family-owned hotel.

    They quickly fell in love, and Alejandra converted to Buddhism before moving to New York to be with Gere. They then married in a ceremony on Gere’s ranch in New York, and he shared his feelings about his second marriage, saying:

    “I’m the happiest man in the universe.”

    He then gushed about his wife, saying that above being vegetarian, meditating, and being a wonderful mother, she was intelligent, sensitive, and knew how to forgive someone who had wronged her.

    Alejandra also shared her gratitude for Gere, saying Buddhism had changed her life for the better, and she didn’t think she would ever find a man like Gere. She then mentioned there were no words to describe the happiness she felt.

    Gere’s wife said that as soon as they met, she felt the karmic connection between them and knew they were meant to be together, even though they have a significant age gap and Gere is a Hollywood star.

    They each had children from previous marriages, but the pair welcomed their first child together, Alexander, in February 2019. Their second son was born in 2020, but his name has still not been released to the public.

    The family now lives on the ranch where Gere and Alejandra tied the knot in 2018. They live a simple and enjoy “total privacy” together there. We wish them nothing but health and happiness for their future.

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