Grateful Son Brad Pitt Flew Family to Mansion for Mom’s 80th Birthday in 2020 – Dad Came from Poverty & Worked Hard for Them

    He packed his family into a plane for his mother’s birthday and flew them to a beach house in another part of America.

    For a holiday, he gathered all of his family and friends.

    He stayed with them for several days, having fun with his family and doing everything he could to make them happy.

    Brad’s parents were poor when he was born and worked very hard to provide a good life for him.

    Brad’s parents taught him how to be a father by teaching him to do everything he could to make his children happy.

    When Brad Pitt was young, he was raised with a strong sense of determination by parents who overcame poverty back in the day. Despite showing his unyielding spirit, Brad has also recognized the value of revealing his vulnerability.

    Brad gained fame for his captivating performances as a unique character, combined with his charm. He made a lasting impact with his early films like “Thelma & Louise,” “A River Runs Through It,” and “Legends of the Fall.”

    Brad Pitt attends the premiere of 20th Century Fox's "Ad Astra" at The Cinerama Dome on September 18, 2019, in Los Angeles, California. | Source: Getty Images

    The 59-year-old star’s acting prowess was further solidified in films like “Interview with the Vampire,” “12 Monkeys,” and “Fight Club.” He won the Academy Award for Best Actor for “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood.”

    The Hollywood heartthrob may be basking in the limelight of his current fame, but his journey to the top began in a humble abode. Born to William and Jane Pitt in Shawnee, Oklahoma, Brad grew up in a modest household.

    William and Jane have two other children, Julie and Doug, making Brad the oldest sibling. He was the eldest child, and although they were not rich, his parents worked hard to give him and his siblings a good future.

    Brad Pitt’s Humble Roots to Hollywood Glory
    As a child, Brad spent his days playing and discovering the great outdoors in Springfield, Oklahoma, where his family has since relocated. His hard-working parents instilled strong values in their children.

    William ran a trucking company, and Jane was a school counselor. A devoutly religious couple, they raised Brad learning the word of God in the First Baptist Church, thus influencing his moral direction.

    After high school, Brad went on to get a degree in journalism at the University of Missouri. However, when he was only two credits away from graduating from university, he realized his true calling was in the film industry.

    Brad followed his heart and moved to Los Angeles to study acting. It proved to be a wise decision, as his film career has been fruitful. Despite his celebrity status, Brad always remembers his roots and remains grounded.

    Brad has come a long way from his humble beginnings as a carefree town boy. He has changed into a strong, confident man who seems unbeatable and has never shown any signs of weakness.

    In some ways, Brad said he emulated his father’s strength amid the challenging times. He recalled his dad came from poverty, and he worked hard for them to have a better life. Brad said about William:

    “He had grown up in extreme hardship and poverty, always dead set on giving me a better life than he had — and he did it. But he came from that stoic ilk.”

    Meanwhile, Brad’s spiritual beliefs changed in the following years. The renowned actor recalled that his shift in belief started when he was in grade school.

    Jane Pitt, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie arrive at the 84th Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood & Highland Center on February 26, 2012, in Hollywood, California. | Source: Getty Images

    A local boy told Brad that if he heard three knocks, he would meet the devil, and a band would play music. Being deeply rooted in the beliefs and legends he lived by, Brad was scared and stayed awake for three months, worrying about the devil’s arrival.

    Even though Brad heard the knocking sounds, he insisted that there was no music and that he had not seen or done anything superficial. The notion of being deceived irked him slightly.

    Over time, he became a non-believer. His siblings, who are still devout and reside in their hometown, are concerned about his spiritual well-being. But Brad explained:

    “We’ve always been family. We’re linked by blood and experience.”

    He added that despite having differing opinions, he could not alter their beliefs, and they could not alter his. Although there may be moments of disappointment and frustration, he still loves them. “If they need me or if they need anything, I’m there for them,” he said.

    Brad grew up grateful for his parents, who inspired his work ethic, and he made time to visit and be there for them. He decided to organize a family trip for his mom’s birthday.

    Brad Pitt Honors Mother’s 80th Milestone with Family Gathering
    Brad, while having his own set of personal beliefs, remains a loving and devoted son to his parents. The grateful son has provided them with the best experiences and memories they had never enjoyed in their younger years.

    Amid the pandemic in August 2020, Brad flew his family to his mansion for his mom’s 80th birthday. To avoid crowded airports, Brad treated his loved ones to a private jet experience.

    He also brought his siblings, Julie and Doug, to his luxurious house. The actor’s cliff-top mansion is in Goleta, just in the southern part of Santa Barbara, California.

    Brad didn’t just treat his two siblings to a grand vacation; he also swept Julie’s husband, Rob Neal, and their twins, Josie and Rylie, along with their sons Caden and Cruz, away on the adventure.

    Doug’s wife, Lisa Pitt, and their three children, Landon, Reagan, and Sidney, enjoyed the celebration as a family. They marveled at Brad’s magnificent estate, taking in the breathtaking views of the ocean and its secluded beach.

    Brad and his family have enjoyed every moment together, making memories that will last a lifetime. Sidney shared a few photos on her Instagram story showing how happy they were to be with each other.

    Brad’s niece posted a picture of her fast-moving brother, Landon, standing on a quad bike as he zoomed by the beach. She also posted two more photos of her family enjoying margaritas and a stack of mini desserts.

    In honor of Jane’s 80th birthday, her family made the house feel festive by hanging colorful balloons and streamers featuring the age milestone number.

    Sidney also posted a sweet picture of her grandfather, William hugging her grandmother Jane in the living room while their cute dog looked away from the camera. Lush plants peeked through in the background.

    Landon Pitt enjoying a quad-bike ride by the beach. | Source: | The Sun

    According to a source, Jane enjoyed the occasion and was deeply touched by Brad’s generous gesture. That evening, the clan enjoyed a sumptuous dinner catered by a Mexican restaurant. They also enjoyed eating seafood take-outs.

    Sidney later shared a photo on Instagram of Jane giggling as she donned a black shirt with the print that read: “Grammy’s 80th Birthday Banger.” Sidney’s mother and aunt were equally cheerful as they received shirts with the same design.

    Sidney had a fantastic time at her grandmother’s celebration, as evident from the five photos she posted on her social media account. In her caption, she wrote, “To the best Grammy ever, happy 80th! I couldn’t love you more!”

    The first two photos depicted Sidney and Jane having a picnic on a sunny day by the beach. The third photo showed Sidney and her grandmother beaming during sunset.

    In the final two photos, all the women in the Pitt family smiled outside on the porch. They donned their black printed shirts in tribute to the esteemed family matriarch.

    The family gathering was a double celebration, as Jane’s birthday was joined by the blissful 58th wedding anniversary of Jane and Williams and Doug and Lisa’s 30th wedding anniversary.

    Brad was not in any of the photos that were made public. However, a family source denied his absence, saying the veteran actor couldn’t miss such an important moment. The source added:

    “He loves his parents dearly, and he went to a lot of effort to celebrate them. Just because he wasn’t photographed there, it doesn’t mean he wasn’t – what son would miss his mom’s 80th birthday?”

    In addition, Brad’s six children, with ex-wife Angelina Jolie were not around for their grandma’s birthday. The source said it was a “shame” that Brad’s parents did not see their grandchildren, even though they were only two hours away from where the grandkids resided.

    Jane and William Pitt hugging each other at the living room. | Source: | The Sun

    Jane and Williams used to meet Brad’s kids once a year. But things changed in September 2016 when Brad and Angelina filed for divorce, a breakup that shocked the fans and the entertainment industry.

    The couple, who had a contentious divorce, eventually settled their breakup privately. According to reports, Brad last saw his children and Angelina Jolie for Halloween at his Springfield home in October 2019.

    Brad Pitt’s Parenting and Fatherhood
    Brad’s way of raising his children was heavily influenced by his own upbringing, as his parents played a large role in shaping his parenting style and offering guidance on how to be an effective parent.

    In September 2019, Brad spoke candidly about parent-child relationships and said his experience was “universal.” His experiences were similar to those of many others, as parents often serve as the first source of guidance for how to navigate the world.

    Brad reiterated his father’s struggle with poverty and his success in overcoming it despite the difficulties. As a father now, Brad has reflected on what he can offer his children that surpasses what he experienced.

    Brad’s statement came after he starred in the film “Ad Astra,” which chronicled the themes of masculinity, vulnerability, and loneliness through the relationship between a father and son.

    He then said that, just like in the movie, there are people who experience “great loneliness” and “loss.” His reflective remark seemed to allude to the unfortunate occurrences in his personal life. He added:

    “We’re good at packing that away and not dealing with it. Some of us are really good at it, at getting through it and coming out the other side as a more well-rounded, I think more confident, more loving human being.”

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt arrive at the City Cinemas in Midtown on November 3, 2015, in New York City. | Source: Getty Images

    The film eventually mirrored Brad’s relationship with Maddox, his and Angelina’s oldest child. Brad and his son were reportedly estranged after an alleged altercation on a private jet in 2016.

    The altercation with Maddox reportedly influenced Jolie’s decision to divorce Brad. Additionally, Brad’s struggles with alcohol also contributed to the breakdown of their relationship.

    In 2017, Brad admitted to giving up alcohol because he was overindulging due to his struggles with handling emotional issues. He also admitted to using drugs, binge-watching Netflix, and overeating snacks for escapism.

    The divorce and his unhealthy lifestyle resulted in his strained relationship with Maddox. When Maddox announced that he would attend Yonsei University in South Korea, the animosity between father and son was evident.

    Maddox reportedly never informed his famous father personally in the first place. On the other hand, Brad only learned of Maddox’s plans through the news on social media.

    When a paparazzi encountered Maddox at the said university and asked about his relationship with Brad, Maddox allegedly stated, “What happens, happens.”

    Maddox is Brad’s adopted child with Angelina, in addition to Zahara and Pax. The former couple also has three biological children, Shiloh, twins Vivienne and Knox.

    In 2013, Brad gushed about their big family. He delighted in the “chaos” and excitement of having a large family, along with the never-ending noises such as wailing, screaming, and banging. He said:

    “I love it. I love it. I hate it when they’re gone. I hate it.”

    Their children are their top priority, so Brad and Angelina made it a point to arrange their schedules so that one of them would always be available to look after them while the other was at work.

    The kids were homeschooled and traveled extensively with their parents and teachers, forging a close bond built on necessity. Despite the limited personal space, they stay united and turn to each other for support.

    Brad also stated that he only had a small group of friends who were considered close to him, along with his family. Despite this, he said that he was content with his life.

    Even when things were difficult, Brad never stopped caring about his children and performing his parental duties. He stepped up to the challenge and grew as a person and father.

    After achieving sobriety, Brad sought a fresh start and was determined to confront and deal with his challenging emotions. The process allowed him to gain a deeper understanding of himself and appreciate those around him even more.

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