Mom Gives Birth To Incredibly Special Set Of Triplets

    The sudden realization that your having triplets would shock most parents, so that moment that doctors told the 23 years old Becki-Jo Allen that she actually has three babies in her tummy, she was completely stunned!

    One Becky-Jo had gone through the birth she then got another surprise, one that nobody had any clue about and that was a complete surprise too! As it happened the three babies, baby boys to be precise were really rare…

    They were identical triplets!! That’s about one in two hundred million!!!

    Becki-Jo Allen and Becki-Jo Allen had some lovely news to share with their daughter Indiana, she was going to be a big sister three times over!

    The couple lives just outside Liverpool in England and they had been thinking about having more children, but they weren’t quite sure how many, it looks like some higher force has at least in part helped them make a decision.

    The ultrasound really make it clear as day!

    Early on in Becki-Jo’s pregnancy she was very sick indeed and had very bad headaches too, that’s when the doctors scheduled her ultrasound just that little bit earlier than usual and it’s because of that they got their shocker triplets news!

    Becki-Jo said to the news:

    “It was the biggest shock of my life! We haven’t got any triplets in the family so it came completely out of the blue”

    The three boys were delivered by Cesarean section in her 31st week of pregnancy, they weighed about 3pounds 5 ounces, their names are Rohan, Roman and Rocco and beautiful they are! There first six weeks was in intensive care until they were a little stronger on their own!

    Having triplets usually involves many complications, it’s quite unusual for all three to survive even.

    We too, like the parents are very grateful that they did so well, they all gained weight really well too, after just six weeks they were ready and able to go home with mom and dad.

    Doctors said that the boys weren’t identical triplets. But everyone who visited the family noticed how incredibly similar the boys were. And so, Becki-Jo decided to look into it further.

    They did a private DNA test and samples were sent to a Lab, her question was answered in the result, the three were completely identical genetically!

    As in vitro fertilization is becoming more common so are triplets, but normally, and naturally occurring they are extremely rare.

    The chances of an egg splitting into two and then for one of these that have split to then spit again and all during the first ten days of pregnancy. In America, in 2015 there were only four sets of identical triplets actually born!!

    Roman, Rocco, and Rohan really look so amazing, and unsurprisingly similar, however, Becki-Jo has no trouble at all distinguishing between her three sons.

    Becki-Jo said:

    “It’s only when they’re asleep that they look the same to me. But they all have completely different personalities. And they’ve all got dark birthmarks between their eyebrows, but Roman’s is slightly darker than the others, and Rohan has got a birthmark on his leg as well”

    The tree babies go through about 130 diapers every single week, add onto that about 5 packs of wipes, these little ones really keep their parents super busy.


    6-year-old Indiana really is happy with her lovely special brothers. What a proud big sister she is!

    Becki-Jo said:

    “Indiana loves them. She’s not one bit jealous. I do feel a bit sorry for her when I think what it’s going to be like growing up with three little brothers though”

    These guys will most certainly get huge amounts of attention for a quite a while. And I think they really do deserve it, how adorable!

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