Is he really our known actor? Already 42-year-old Chris Pine left fans dissatisfied with his new image

    «From heartthrob to a withered old man!»?Fans couldn’t believe their eyes that this unkempt man with a gray beard and dirty hair is Chris??It’s incredible that it’s him, see for yourself here??????

    Chris Pine was one of the famous handsome men and always won the hearts of women. He was called «The Second Brad Pitt»? However, he has changed a lot lately and surprised fans. Many were even worried about his mental state, and thought maybe he was suffering from some kind of illness.

    His charm, charisma and talent made him one of the sought-after actors in Hollywood. He was so cute that he almost always portrayed superheroes and princes. In recent years it has changed and become unrecognizable. Many people think that he looks older than his age.

    In recent photos he had a graying beard, long hair and looked unkempt. All Internet users could not ignore his new photos. He no longer looks like a handsome actor and even resembles a homeless man.

    No one understands the reason for his appearance. Many confidently claimed that he suffers from bad habits, which make him look much older.
    Maybe he decided to give up anti-aging procedures and embrace natural aging. Despite this, he still acts in films and appears on red carpets.

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