Keanu Reeves, one of the most famous bachelors in the world, was single for years. However, when he revealed his new love, people were not exactly rejoicing.

    Keanu Reeves is one of Hollywood’s most-liked bachelors with extreme generosity and intense spirituality.

    The actor has been one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors, but he unexpectedly appeared in public with a gray-haired woman.

    The woman who caught Reeves’ eyes was criticized for her gray hair, but the actor has consistently showered her with love and is reportedly going to marry her.

    Keanu Reeves is a household name due to his successful career in Hollywood. The actor, who was born in Beirut, Lebanon, has established himself as an action hero.

    Reeves identifies as a Canadian actor as he was raised in Toronto. His career in acting began with theatre productions to television films until he landed a role in feature films. The actor is also a film director, bass guitarist, author, and philanthropist.

    Keanu Reeves in Cannes, France in 2006 | Source: Getty Images

    Reeves and his girlfriend, Alexandra Grant, were seen showing some PDA at the 2023 Museum of Contemporary Art Gala in Los Angeles. Reports said the couple was affectionate all night, holding hands on arrival and hugging throughout the evening.

    The artist and actor have collaborated on two books together and it was after their second book, “Shadows,” was released that the pair confirmed they were in a romantic relationship. Yet they had known each other much longer.

    Before he confirmed his relationship with Grant, Reeves had been single for a long time. The actor was focused on his career and was seldom romantically linked to anyone. Grant and Reeves have since been low-key about their relationship, but are happily in love.

    Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves at the MOCA Gala 2023 at The Geffen Contemporary in Los Angeles in April 2023 | Source: Getty Images

    The pair remain so private about their relationship that many people didn’t know they were dating for years. In fact, even some people close to the couple have mentioned that they didn’t know they were in a relationship for a long time.

    After a while, when the couple finally sparked romance rumors, a friend close to them said that although that’s when the public became aware of their relationship, they had been together for far longer than that.

    Reeves had been a bachelor for a long time but had been in relationships in the past though he never got married. The actor was once linked to actress China Chow in June 2008. They were also spotted bantering and flirting at an event in May 2019.

    The 58-year-old is one of Hollywood’s most loved stars due to his humility. He is known for humble acts, such as giving up his seat in crowded subways. Reeves also runs a private foundation for kids with cancer, showcasing his generous side.

    Reeves’ hard work shows off in his success, but the author believes in not taking himself seriously at all times, which is evident in comedy films he has starred in, such as “Always Be My Maybe.”

    The “Constantine” star is also very spiritual, as he has been vocal in the past about his belief in God, faith, inner faith, self, and passion. The actor is also reverential, as he keeps a respectful distance when taking photos with women.

    With his numerous positive traits, striking looks, and sociable personality, the film star has been a center of attraction to various celebrities who confessed their crush on him. Regardless, Reeves has dated none of them for a long time or walked down the aisle in his lifetime.

    Reeves came so close to getting married, but a terrible misfortune hit him. In 1991, the author dated actress Jennifer Syme who later got pregnant with their first child together.

    However, Reeves and Syme experienced a tragic loss when they lost their daughter Ava, who was stillborn at eight months. The ex-couple split up after this loss.

    Reeves experienced grief again a year later when Syme died in a road accident. The concurrent tragic losses had a significant impact on the author, who, understandably, may have needed more time to heal before getting into another serious relationship.

    Keanu Reeves in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 14, 2016 | Source: Getty Images

    Reeves is now dating American visual artist Alexandra Grant. The couple went public with their relationship in 2019. Reeves and Grant were work partners before they became loving companions.

    The philanthropist met Grant in 2009 at a dinner party. They began a professional relationship and worked together on several art and book projects.

    Reeves and Grant collaborated in the creation of the personal poetry book “Ode to Happiness,” published in 2011. Grant painted the illustrations while Reeves wrote the book.

    The duo also worked together on another personal poetry book that was published in 2016, “Shadows.” In this book, Grant photographed Reeves in shadows while the actor provided image descriptions.

    Reeves and Grant opened a publishing company called “X Artists Books” in 2017. After working successfully on several projects, the couple officially started dating in 2017.

    However, the couple’s red carpet debut in November 2019 at the Los Angeles County of Museum Art and Film Gala confirmed the rumors that the pair were in a relationship.

    After going public, Reeves’ fans commented on the choice of his girlfriend. One fan said that Reeves’ decision to date Grant puts him in good books:

    “Somehow, the fact that Keanu Reeves doesn’t have a 20-year-old girlfriend fills my heart with joy and furthers my good opinion of him.”

    Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant in Los Angeles, California on June 04, 2022 | Source: Getty Images

    Another fan wondered if Grant is tired of being referred to as an old lady dating a younger man, which is not common in Hollywood as older actors often date younger women:

    “I wonder if Keanu Reeves’ girlfriend is sick of you all going: Finally, an old lady with a man!”

    In 2003, Rob Mailhouse, Reeves’ friend and bandmate, informed People that the actor was bemused by the speculations about his love life. Mailhouse added that as much as people say Reeves should be going out with supermodels, the actor did not see it that way:

    “Keanu doesn’t look at it that way. Does he have a girlfriend? I doubt it very seriously. Does he know how to have fun with women? Absolutely. He adores women.”

    Grant also said that after they went public, she received several calls from people she knew who asked her about her new boyfriend. The visual artist was fascinated by these calls; however, she said her only thought was on how she could use the opportunity to do good.

    Reeves’ girlfriend has been turning heads with her gray hair ever since their red carpet debut as a couple. Grant wears her gray hair proudly, but some people do not like the look and have resorted to attacks and insults.

    One person on Twitter commented, “they say Keanu Reeves’ girlfriend is 46… IKYFL! (If You Know, You Know) She looks old as my grandma TF.”

    Another person asked why Reeves’ girlfriend looked older than she actually was: “Why 46 years old Keanu Reeves’ girlfriend looks like she’s 70?”

    There have been speculation and rumors that Reeves is ready to propose to Grant after dating her for five years.

    Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves in Malibu, California on June 06, 2019 | Source: Getty Images

    The Talk shared a Twitter post that asked people if they were willing to go gray by following Reeves’ girlfriend’s path. They shared the post alongside a picture of Reeves and Grant.

    Some people commended Grant’s courage to go gray on The Talk’s post, but others said they would never risk going gray.

    One person noted that Reeves’ girlfriend looked mature for her age because of the gray hair but that her opinion did not matter as long as Gray was happy:

    “She may look mature, but not everyone looks their age. I’m in my late 50’s, and I look a lot younger. Anyhow, if they’re happy, who are we to judge.”

    However, not everyone seemed offended by Reeves’ girlfriend’s gray hair, as some congratulated her for having the guts to go gray:

    “I don’t have the guts to go gray. But I think it’s crazy how people are making harsh comments regarding Her hair! And we wonder why he has kept his personal life so private!”

    Other people said that they did not care much about Reeves’ girlfriend’s gray hair as long as the couple was happy together:

    “Why does something so insignificant matter? It’s what is in people’s hearts that’s important. As long as she makes Keanu happy, that’s all that matters. He deserves to be happy.”

    Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant in Basel, Switzerland on June 13, 2016 | Source: Getty Images

    In an Instagram post on December 5, 2019, Grant revealed why she chooses to keep her hair gray. The visual artist said her hair turned gray prematurely in her early 20s, and she dyed it every color she could find.

    However, Grant noted that she stopped dying her gray hair because she could no longer tolerate the toxicity of the dyes:

    “In my 30’s, I let my hair turn “blonde.” I love and support that every womxn can choose how she wants to look at every age. But/and, if womxn are perishing from beauty standards, then let’s talk about those beauty standards. Love to all womxn!”

    In the Instagram post, Grant shared a screengrab of a Newsweek article, which quoted a study by the International Journal of Cancer that linked breast cancer to the use of permanent hair dye and chemical hair straighteners.

    The study carried out research on 46,709 women aged between 35 and 74, and it found that the risk of having breast cancer increased by up to 60 percent in women who regularly use permanent dye.

    Fans reacted to Grant’s post in support, as some of them revealed that they had also stopped using dyes and embraced their gray hair. One fan was grateful to Reeves’ girlfriend for sharing the information and complimented her looks:

    “Wow! That’s really scary and something we should all think about before using chemicals. Thank you for sharing it. It’s a person’s inner qualities that are most important and make them beautiful. Your hair is stunningly beautiful, and you’re an inspiration for women that it’s ok to be natural and unique. Truly beautiful inside and out.”

    The “Speed” star is reportedly planning to get married for the first time in his life. There have been speculation and rumors that Reeves is ready to propose to Grant after dating her for almost six years. However, Reeves has not explicitly declared so in public.

    These speculations come from Reeves’ close friends who claim the author is sure Grant is “the one.” A source revealed that Reeves has been talking to his close friends about proposing:

    “Keanu isn’t hiding the fact that he’s going to propose to Alexandra. His friends know how happy he’s been; he’s talked about making Alexandra his wife, and he was recently spotted ring shopping in West Hollywood.”

    Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves in Los Angeles, California on November 02, 2019 | Source: Getty Images

    The source added that Reeves and Grant were a perfect match as they both knew what they wanted in life and were not after drama. The insider also disclosed that the duo is mature and stable and that Reeves adored Grant.

    Another source revealed in June 2022 that “The Man of Tai Chi” actor was ready to bid bachelorhood goodbye as his circle knew he would propose at any moment. The source confessed that Reeves was in no hurry because he knew Grant was his soulmate:

    “He is not in a rush and doesn’t need a piece of paper to know Alexandra is the one for him. They’re soulmates and totally committed to the long term, and after all this time together, it just keeps getting sweeter.”

    In an interview with people, the film director said he loves having happiness and bliss in his life. The “John Wick” star confessed that his last moment of happiness before the interview was with his girlfriend:

    “A couple of days ago with my honey. We were in bed. We were connected. We were smiling, laughing, and giggling. Feeling great. It was just really nice to be together.”

    Reeves, who loves spending time with his girlfriend, is also a fan of motorcycling and enjoys jamming with his friends as he plays bass guitar. The bass guitarist goes for bike rides to clear his mind and horseback riding to step away from the craze in Hollywood.

    A close source to the couple also confirmed that the pair were having a great time together, cooking and reading books:

    “She loves cooking him meals at home, and they both love film and books. They actually have a little book club just the two of them where they read each other’s favorites.”

    Despite their close connection, a source revealed that the two were content with enjoying each other’s company as both had been in a serious relationship, meaning they were not in a hurry to exchange vows.

    In 2006, “The Gift” star disclosed that he was looking forward to getting married and having kids but at a later time:

    “I’m trying not to be alone so much. And man, it’s a struggle. I want to get married. I want to have kids. That’s at the top of the mountain. I’ve got to climb the mountain first. I’ll do it. Just give me some time.”

    Reeves seems to have climbed this mountain as speculations keep coming in that he will soon propose to his girlfriend. At the moment, the duo are enjoying each other’s company and have been spotted going on dates.

    In 2022, Grant and Reeves looked dashing in a rare red carpet appearance at the MOCA Gala in Los Angeles. The two have created a strong bond thanks to their prior professional relationship and shared love for art and culture.

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