“Walker, Texas Ranger” star Chuck Norris “saw death” in his wife’s eyes when she came out of the bathroom and felt like her body was failing her

    83-year-old Chuck Norris shared a rare photo with his wife of 25 years and their grown-up twins.

    The “Walker, Texas Ranger” actor gave up his film career to nurse his loving wife back to health.

    Nowadays, the spouses live away from the spotlight, with their children at their 4-bedroom ranch in Texas.

    Carlos Ray “Chuck” Norris has ruled the acting arena for a long time. After successfully cementing his name as a martial artist, he turned to Hollywood in the 70s and continued to star in popular titles during the 80s.

    One of his most iconic roles was in the TV series, “Walker, Texas Ranger,” as Ranger Cordell Walker, which ran from 1993 to 2001. The famous actor has been married to his wife, Gena O’Kelley, since 1998.

    Promotional portrait of American actor Chuck Norris (as as Cordell 'Cord' Walker), dressed in a blazer over a black satin shirt and a black stetson, as he poses in a doorway for the television series 'Walker, Texas Ranger,' 1997. | Source: Getty Images

    On August 20, 2001, the couple welcomed their twins, Dakota Allan Norris, and Danilee Kelly Norris. Although it’s unclear whether Dakota intends to follow in his father’s footsteps and pursue a career in films or television, he’s passionate about martial arts.

    But what many may not know is that the pair have survived their fair share of sore trials over the years, which only strengthened their bond.
    Like his father, the youngster seems unstoppable and is a fifth-degree black belt and a five-time UFAF champion. Chuck’s twin daughter Danilee doesn’t seem a fan of the spotlight and likes to avoid it. But like her twin brother, she has also dabbled in martial arts and received a black belt.

    Recently, Chuck, who celebrated his 83rd birthday on March 10, 2023, gave his fans a rare glimpse into his family life. The action legend shared an adorable post on social media on April 12 from his family vacation in Hawaii.

    In one picture, he shared the frame with his beloved wife as they both smiled and looked candid. In the second photo, Chuck and Gena were seen grinning from ear to ear while standing beside their twins and two more relatives. “The Delta Force” alum captioned the post:

    “Feeling blessed spending time with my family in Hawaii. There is no greater joy. God Bless, Chuck Norris.”

    The beautiful post has since received thousands of reactions and shares and lovely comments from Chuck’s fans worldwide. Many netizens doted on the Hollywood star’s beautiful photos and lauded him for being a family man.

    Chuck Gave up His Career to Nurse His Wife Back to Health
    Chuck’s wife, Gena, is an actress, former model, and businesswoman, and together, the duo has inspired many with their heartwarming connection. But what many may not know is that the pair have survived their fair share of sore trials over the years, which only strengthened their bond.

    One such instance was in 2013 when Gena had an MRI scan to evaluate her rheumatoid arthritis. Little did she know it was the beginning of something far more harrowing and scary than she could have ever thought possible.

    Actor Chuck Norris and girlfriend Gena O'Kelley attend the CBS Summer TCA Press Tour on July 24, 1998 at Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Pasadena, California. | Source: Getty Images

    In an interview from June 2017, Gena and her husband looked back on the grueling experience which completely altered their lives. Following her MRI, Gena recalled coming out of the bathroom and feeling like her body was failing her.

    Chuck looked at his wife and instantly knew she wasn’t doing well. Afraid he might lose her, he knew he couldn’t stand aside and watch. He recounted:

    “I saw a death in her eyes. I saw her dying, and I knew I had to do something.”

    But the real nightmare started when Gena had three MRIs in one week. She and Chuck believed those MRIs triggered a cascade of mysterious health issues that nearly killed her.

    Gena said she spent five to six nights in the emergency room, and her symptoms worsened. When the doctors asked her about her condition, she told them she felt a burning sensation traveling throughout her body, as if her skin was on fire.

    The former model recalled being tested for every disease and infection the doctors could think of. However, all her reports turned blank, mystifying the medical staff. At that point, Gena desperately needed to get to work and performed a little research of her own.

    She stumbled upon published literature and patient accounts, after which her fears were confirmed. Soon afterward, Gena said she returned to the hospital and told the doctors she had been poisoned by gadolinium—a heavy metal given before MRI scans to enhance image quality.

    Instead of being expelled from her body, the contrast dye had proven hazardous and led to multiple health complications. A concerned Chuck then took his wife to China for treatment. She spent months in a medical center with her loving husband beside her. She recollected:

    “I laid in a bed in that clinic for five months… and my wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful husband—I’m so thankful—laid on a couch next to me for five months.”

    AUGUST 15: Actor Chuck Norris, wife Gena O'Kelly, daughter Danilee Kelly and son Dakota Alan arrive at the Los Angeles Premiere "The Expendables 2" at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on August 15, 2012 in Hollywood, California. | Source: Getty Images

    A grateful Gena said her devoted husband read her 17 books during that time and slept on a couch next to her, never leaving her side. The pair spent months away from their twins, who were only 11 then. Gena shared:

    “At the time, as I’m lying in the bed, I’m just saying over and over again, ‘I’m going to live to raise my kids. I’m going to live to raise my babies.’”

    In November 2017, Chuck and Gena told CBS News that they were facing a legal battle, having sued San-Francisco-based drug companies in a multi-million dollar lawsuit. Recalling his beloved wife’s heartbreaking ordeal, Chuck expressed:

    “It was scaring me to death. She was dying in front of me.”

    Gena also narrated her horrible symptoms and side effects, including brain damage, poor recall, slower articulation and cognitive responses, and muscle wastage. Talking about how he stayed beside his life partner while she recovered, Chuck mentioned:

    “I’ve had to give up my film career… My whole life is focused on keeping her as well as I possibly can.”

    Chuck Norris is pictured working in the kitchen of his 4-bedroom ranch in Texas. | Source: YouTube.com/TODAY

    After experiencing such a difficult period, Chuck and Gena now enjoy a happy and tranquil life in their 4-bedroom ranch in Texas with their twin son and daughter.

    Their lovely home is situated in the Northwood Hills neighborhood of Dallas. In addition to four bedrooms, the Texas home comprises eight bathrooms and covers an area of 7,000 square feet. It consists of two stories and also has an elevator.

    The house has several living rooms, a spacious media room on the second floor, and a backyard featuring a pool, greenery, and a huge patio. In July 2018, Karl from TODAY spent a day with the Norris family, exploring their beautiful Texan ranch.

    The spacious property also includes a lake, which Chuck doesn’t like fishing from, deeming it boring. It also has a unique museum, a gym, and an alligator. The legendary actor uses military hardware to move around the ranch.

    Chuck’s “Lone Wolf Ranch” also holds a water bottling company, which he started with his wife in 2015. Coupled with being a martial artist, a successful actor, and a businessperson, Chuck also loves spending time with his family. In Karl’s words:

    “At home, away from the bright lights of Hollywood, forget strongman. Chuck’s a family man and a real softy.”

    The retired actor has a soft heart and enjoys helping his wife in the kitchen. The Norris twins also step up to assist their parents, and after an early dinner, the family falls asleep to wake up early.

    Chuck’s Texan property also has a martial arts center where he trains the next generation of martial artists. After seeing the peak of his career, the mega icon purposely left Hollywood to care for his wife.

    Chuck’s social media posts show that he’s living a prosperous life with his loved ones, showing the world the importance of family!

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