Even today some people don’t know the purpose of this absolutely unique kitchen tool

    Have you ever wondered for what this vintage kitchen tool was used? ??The reason why it was so popular in the past will pique everyone’s interest! ?See the photos in this article!???

    The technological breakthroughs have paved the way for the production of a number of useful kitchen tools which not only serve to a specific purpose, but also make the culinary a process to enjoy.

    However, many have serious doubts whether today’s kitchenware is genuinely of high quality since most people nowadays are, surprisingly, more focused on their appearance and aesthetic atmosphere that they create rather than their function.

    When you look at this vintage kitchen tool, what do you think it was used for? In fact, the first meatballs were made in Rome. Some versions could also be found in China.

    Their variation is explained by the fact that there could be different proportions of meat and rice or meat and lentils. Such meatballs are not only super easy to make but also constitute a versatile stable dish, that is why they are so widespread.

    Such meatball makers have been used for making meatballs in the most classic style. They also help the owners save more time. Few know that they were also used for making flawlessly-shaped falafel or hush puppies. Such unique meatball makers can be found in antique stores.

    Such kitchen tools are mainly used in large families or when one has a lot of guests. The ones that you see in this article are those who were widely utilized in the previous century.

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