«Another side of Marilyn» Exclusive photos of the unsurpassed actress evoked nostalgia

    People call her the epitome of female beauty and this is not without a reason! ??Monroe’s final photo shoot when the actress showed her true self can be found in this article!???

    Not only for her incredible talent and brilliant acting, but also for incomparable charm and timeless femininity, M. Monroe has an irreplaceable role in Hollywood. She is widely believed to be the epitome of female beauty.

    She built a drizzling career holding the title of one of the most desirable actresses the industry has ever known. Her attractiveness and elegance drove all men crazy not only in America, but also in the whole Globe.

    However, her tremendous success didn’t paved the way for a happy life. Her premature passing still remains mysterious and not completely revealed. To say that any man would dream of such a passionate woman is nothing to say.

    These archive snapshots give us the real image of who Monroe actually was. Here, we can see another side of the actress which she didn’t show to the outside world.

    It should be mentioned that she is best-remembered for such movies as «The Misfits» and «Some Like It Hot».

    She had a warm relationship with photographer Eve Arnold who organized her final photo shoot which you can see here, in this article.


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