Donny Osmond Is ‘in Love’ with Being a Grandpa of 12 Grandkids — He Cried When Long-Awaited Grandbaby Arrived

    Donny Osmond is an iconic entertainer but a big family man. The singer has 12 grandchildren and enjoys spending time with his troop. Osmond once got emotional on television when his eldest son revealed he was having his first child.

    Aside from creating hits and being an all-round entertainer, Donny Osmond is also a doting father and grandfather who loves being around his big family. Between his Las Vegas residency shows, Osmond ensures that his busy schedule has space for his family.

    Osmond is a father to five boys, Don, Jeremy, Brandon, Christopher, and Joshua, who are also grown and have their own families.

    Donny Osmond in Beverly Hills, California in 2015. | Source: Getty Images

    Osmond is grandfather to twelve grandchildren, his eldest son Don has four kids with his wife, Jessica. Jeremy is a father of three with his partner Melisa, Brandon has four sons with his spouse Shelby, and Christopher has one child with his wife, Alta.

    Osmond’s youngest, Joshua, married his love Summer in June 2020, and according to Closer Weekly, the couple does want kids, but they said they would probably wait a few years.

    According to Closer Weekly, the singer welcomed his first grandchild in 2005 when Jeremy and his wife Melisa welcomed their baby boy Dylan on August 21.

    After Jeremy brought the first grandchild, the Osmond family started growing, and the “Dancing with the Stars” alum could not have been happier.

    Osmond’s 62nd birthday was particularly special because the singer took his last bow in Las Vegas after starting his residency in 2010.

    Almost a decade later, Osmond took it to Instagram and expressed that it was his best birthday because he did not have to worry about performing, but he got to spend time with his wife and family.

    Donny Osmond Cried over Expecting Another Grandchild
    Osmond made an appearance on “The Talk” in 2012 for their father’s day special. His eldest son Don surprised him and the world with a special father’s day gift.

    Don revealed to his father that he was expecting his first child. He told his father that he appreciated that he was the one to “break him into fatherhood.”

    But Don ended the emotional message and said, “I wasn’t the first to make you a grandfather, but Jessica and I have your fifth grandbaby.”

    ET-Online reported that they were backstage when Osmond started crying and explaining why this was such an emotional moment for him and his family. The singer said:

    “They’ve been trying for a long, long, long time, I’m very happy for them and I’m pretty happy myself too!”

    However, the first child of Don and his wife was the beginning of the growth of their family. The couple overcame their fertility issues, and in 2020 Osmond announced that his eldest son was expecting his 4th child.

    The former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant shared the news on Instagram that this was not only his eldest son’s fourth child but also his 12th grandchild! Osmond wrote:

    “We officially have a dozen! Debbie and I are so excited that our 12th grand baby was born two weeks ago. Don and Jessi welcomed Christian, their 4th son, on Tuesday, December 29, 2020 and we are already in love.”

    Donny Osmond and his wife Debbie Osmond in New York 2013. | Source: Getty Images

    Osmond is extremely proud of his grandchildren and his role as their grandfather and always shares their milestones on social media.

    Donny Osmond Shares His Proud Granddad Moments
    Despite his busy schedule, Osmond does his best to support his grandchildren and be present for their sports matches, birthdays, and more.

    The singer shared on Instagram that he flew home after a performance for his grandson’s football championship match. Osmond was proud and announced that they had won the game and that he was about to start high school.

    Another post from the singer revealed that he stopped by another of his grandson’s basketball games before flying off to begin his Las vegas residency again. Osmond is his grandchildren’s biggest cheerleader.

    Not only are Osmond’s grandchildren good at sports, but he also has talented artists in his brood. The singer shared another milestone of his grandson on Twitter.

    Osmond’s grandson had his work displayed at the National Museum of History in Washington, DC, and the grandfather could not be more proud of this moment.

    For years Osmond only had one granddaughter he loved dearly and called his “little sweet princess.” The performer wished his little princess a happy birthday on his Facebook and praised her for being kind and loving; he wrote:

    “She has the most lovable personality and always makes sure that everyone has a friend. I’m so lucky to have this little girl in my life. In fact, I often refer to her as my sweet little princess.”

    When Osmond found out his son Christoper was having a baby girl, the singer shared his reaction to the gender reveal on Instagram.

    Osmond loves being a father and is proud of his five sons, but the singer loves being a grandfather more. On father’s day, he shared a picture with two of his grandchildren and expressed that father’s day might be fun, but grandpa’s day is the best.

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