Jeff Bridges Fell in Love with Waitress & Took Her to Look at ‘Some Property’ on Their 1st Date

    Jeff Bridges found love in the most unlikely manner when he met his wife, Susan Geston, while she waited tables. Their romance also started after a spectacular property-surfing date.

    Jeff Bridges’ love story could perfectly pass for an interesting storyline in a rom-com, as it all started with an unexpected situation while he was shooting a movie in Paradise Valley, Montana.

    Jeff met Susan Geston, who worked as a waitress, and while he couldn’t take his eyes off her, his heart yearned for her. He ended up taking the waitress on an unusual first date, but it was the start of a lifetime of romance. Here’s a look through their love story:

     Jeff Bridges at "Extra" at Burbank Studios on December 13, 2019. | Photo: Getty Images

    Jeff has had his fair share of difficult and heartache during his life, but his family has been there for him through it all and helped him to stay positive.

    Finding Love at First Sight
    During his hay days and the booming era of his then-young career, Jeff was filming 1975’s “Rancho Deluxe” when he met Susan Geston, the woman “[He] couldn’t take [his] eyes off,” at first glance.

    Susan Bridges and Jeff Bridges during the opening of the Camp Beverly Hills Boutique in Beverly Hills circa 1977. | Photo: Getty Images

    The movie crew had been filming a hot bath scene in Chico Hot Springs, where Geston waited tables. In his book, “The Dude and the Zen Master,” Jeff wrote that he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

    The “Sea Hunt” star noticed that besides being breathtakingly beautiful, Geston had bruises on her face and two black eyes. He would later find out she sustained the injuries in an accident.

    Jeff stole glances, and Geston caught him staring each time. Finally, after work ended for the day, Jeff walked up to her and complimented her, but Geston was having none of it. He asked her on a date, and she refused. Jeff tried a second time and still got a negative answer.

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    Their Official First Date Was Unusual
    Geston refused to go on a date with the actor, but she left him with a hopeful feeling when she said, “It’s a small town; maybe we’ll run into each other.” According to Jeff, her words turned out “to be prophetic.”

    Jeff Bridges and Susan Geston at the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards Celebration on January 6, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. | Photo: Getty Images

    The pair met again, away from work, on a jolly night, where they danced. Jeff noted that it was the day he fell in love with Geston. The pair’s first date happened when Jeff had an appointment with a real estate agent.

    He invited Geston, and they went property surfing. The actor recalled being taken to a ranch close to a river. And while they walked around and checked out the property, there was a voice in Jeff’s head that said:

    “You are now looking at a house with your future wife.”

    The actor was taken aback by this thought, and he had an unsettling feeling. The feeling was born of fears that he would lose his freedom, but despite this, Jeff could not let the love of his life go.
    Why Jeff’s Marriage Is So Strong
    Two years after their first date, Geston and Jeff knew they wanted to make things official. So the pair tied the knot and have since grown together as a loving couple with three grown children.

    The Hollywood royal and his spouse have been married for over four decades. And it is safe to say that they have had good times and weathered tough moments as well.

    Once speaking with People, Jeff opened up about how he and Geston have kept it going. They shared that they have come to understand each other through the years. He explained:

    “We are quite different as people, and we celebrate that rather than making it drive us apart. I respect her wisdom, and I’m sure the girls do too. I’ve really been blessed.”

    He also shared in his book that he learned so much from Sue, and they are both able to tell each other’s weaknesses. For instance, Jeff always worried about getting on a project, and Geston always points out that his fears do not hinder his success.

    The 72-year-old added that he and Geston care for each other so much and have realized that their relationship was the “most precious thing.” Jeff shared that he and Geston did not completely know each other, and they are at peace with that fact.

    How Did Jeff’s Family Help Him Become Healthy Again?
    In 2020, Jeff was diagnosed with lymphoma. He was treated with chemotherapy and was given the good news that the treatment was working. However, there was another hurdle he would have to overcome.

    Jeff contracted COVID-19 at a time when vaccines were not available, and because the chemotherapy had weakened his immune system, he was left compromised.

    He was hospitalized for over four months, in which he became exhausted and did not know if he would be able to work again or walk his daughter down the aisle.

    He revealed that he was near death a few times during the four months and then he was told by his doctors that he had to fight, which he did. He announced in late 2021 that he was healthy and in remission.

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