At 82, Al Pacino is expecting a baby with his 29-year-old lover! Meet the young partner who is soon to become the mother of his child.

    OMG, how does she sleep with this withered old man? ? Paparazzi photos of Al Pacino with his lover and the news of their impending parenthood have left fans further disappointed ?? Just take a look at them here.

    Considering Al Pacino’s advanced age, no one could have anticipated that he would choose such a young partner and potentially add to his list of children, just like fellow actor Robert De Niro, who recently became a father for the seventh time and is still three years younger than Al Pacino.

    Despite the surprising turn of events, rumors are circulating that Al Pacino may have already separated from his young wife, who, as mentioned earlier, is expecting their fourth child. There are even reports of a lawsuit filed by the young woman, preventing her son from communicating with the actor.

    Nevertheless, paparazzi managed to capture a moment of them together in Hollywood. The couple was spotted outside a restaurant, and the paparazzi shared the new photos on the internet, causing them to go viral.

    “She looks more like his granddaughter than his wife!” “I don’t understand how she lives with him!” “There is no sincerity of feelings here!” “What did she find in this grandfather?” wrote internet users. What are your thoughts on this?

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