Jennifer Grey reveals the truth about her relationship with Patrick Swayze in ‘Dirty Dancing.’

    Released over three decades ago, Dirty Dancing is still considered a classic loved by millions. Back in 1987 when it first saw the light of day, neither the directors nor the actors could have predicted its cultural impact.

    The film’s popularity was not only due to its magnificent plot but also because of the lead actors. Although neither Patrick Swayze nor Jennifer Grey were the first choices for the iconic roles that eventually helped them cement their place in the world of film, fans are grateful they landed the roles as Johnny and Baby.

    Reports indicate that Val Kilmer was initially offered the role of Johnny Castle, and both Sarah Jessica Parker and Sharon Stone auditioned to play Baby. The on-screen chemistry between Johnny and Baby felt so real that many were convinced they had a romantic relationship off-screen as well.

    In her latest book, “Out of the Corner,” Grey provides fans with a close-up look at her relationship with her co-star. Before collaborating on Dirty Dancing, Grey and Swayze worked together on a film called “Red Dawn,” where she wasn’t initially a fan of his antics. However, during the screen test for Dirty Dancing, everything changed. Swayze, aware of Grey’s feelings towards him, apologized for his previous conduct and expressed his love.

    Throughout the filming, they had occasional disagreements, but as true professionals, they set aside their differences and found a middle ground. In her book, Grey reflects on wishing she had accepted Swayze for who he truly was, rather than trying to transform him into someone else.

    Grey praised Swayze’s acting talent and described him as passionately protective, robust, and deeply devoted to his career. She was captivated by his fearlessness, especially during challenging dancing routines, and appreciated his support.

    Dirty Dancing was a massive success, making $214 million on a $6 million budget. Despite the studio’s desire for a sequel and fans’ anticipation, Patrick Swayze declined to participate, even after being offered $6 million.

    Recently, Grey has been confirmed to return as Baby Houseman in Dirty Dancing 2, with efforts to involve as many original cast members as possible. The creative team plans to incorporate Swayze’s character in the sequel rather than recast Johnny Castle, recognizing that no one can replace him.

    Grey expressed gratitude for Swayze’s memories and aims to create something new and distinctive from them. The release date for Dirty Dancing 2 is expected to be in the summer of 2025.

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