«What does the Palace hide from us?» The latest update on the Prince and his reported mistress Rose Hanbury sparked reaction

    Breaking! 🔥Middleton’s friend’s and the Prince’s reported love affair has been confirmed! 😲🤫This is what we know about the full story of the Prince and Hanbury so far!🧐 Be ready to be surprised! 😉For more details – see the article!👇

    The royal family has never ceased to be «surrounded» with gossips which never fade away entirely. One of the most scandalous rumors is about an affair between the Prince and the Princess’s friend, Rose Hanbury. These rumors started to spread even more especially after Kate’s abdominal surgery and subsquent disappearance.

    When the Palace wanted to assure the public that the Princess was doing well,  no one believed them since they actually provided no evidence and detail. The people questioned their sincerity. This followed a photo shared by Middleton where she didn’t wear her wedding ring.

    It was back in 2019 that the publication In Touch reported that he may have had an affair with R. Hanbury. For those who don’t know, Rose and her husband live near the royal spouses in a home with 106 rooms.

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