“Wall Street” star Charlie Sheen was “devastated” when the mother of his daughter divorced him while they were expecting their second baby

    Charlie Sheen’s oldest daughter, Sami Sheen, chose to live with her dad after sharing that life with her mom and stepdad was “hell.”

    At 18, the blonde girl looks charming and happy.

    Father-daughter life together revealed.

    Charlie Sheen is famous for numerous iconic films. However, he is most widely known for portraying the character Charlie Harper in the show “Two and a Half Men.” Besides his acting career, Charlie has been in the news for numerous reasons. In 2005, the actor once more caught the media’s attention after his divorce.

    The “Wall Street” star’s wife, Denise Richards, decided to file for divorce in 2005, which sent him spiraling down old roads and brought up vices he had left behind years ago. Sadly, the two also engaged in a complex custody battle for guardianship over their daughter, Sami Sheen, and their then-unborn baby.

    Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen, 2003 | Source: Getty Images

    Denise wanted full custody over both children, which meant Charlie would have been cut out of any decisions involving his children’s lives and well-being, although he would still have had visitation rights. Amid the ongoing custody battle, Charlie admitted he still loved his wife and only wanted to raise his kids.

    Sami opened up about her decision to move into her father’s house, saying she was severely depressed living with Denise.
    As the legal square-off continued, things grew more heated between the two parties, with Denise claiming she wanted to keep their kids away from their dad for their own protection. Charlie, on the other hand, was “devastated” and claimed Denise had “no interest in responsible co-parenting” and that he just wanted the “truth.”

    Shortly after Charlie and Denise were declared legally single, the actress married Aaron Phypers. While they were legally separated, Denise and Charlie were still in an ongoing legal dispute when the actress decided to remarry. However, in the end, Denise managed to win guardianship over her two daughters.

    How Was Charlie’s Daughter, Sami, ‘Trapped in an Abusive Household’?
    Sami and her sister, Lola Rose Sheen, ended up living with their mother and their stepfather for a few years. Eventually, in 2021, Sami publicly announced she had decided to move out of her mom’s house to go live with her father. The then-17-year-old shared the news via TikTok.

    While admitting that Charlie wasn’t as strict as Denise, the source reported that the actor did everything he could to ensure the two had a healthy routine.
    Sami opened up about her decision to move into her father’s house, saying she was severely depressed living with Denise. The oldest of the two Sheen daughters shared that she had moved out of her mom’s house a year before recording the TikTok video in which she explained life with Denise made her tremendously unhappy.

    Sami stated that she was “trapped” in an “abusive” house, and her decision came after she claimed to have spent a large part of her high school unhappy with how things were going in her mom’s house. Sami stated in her TikTok video:

    “1 year ago today: trapped in an abusive household, hated myself, would go days without eating or sleeping, insanely depressed, hated school, etc. Now: finally moved out of the hell house, had a spiritual awakening, own 2 cats, happy single, full of self love, and dropped out of high school :).”

    Charlie confirmed his daughter was living with him after the story broke, saying he was happy to have her with him and he would always be there for any of his kids. Denise also responded to the news, saying she had set no bizarre or senseless rules. She only wanted what was best for her daughter.

    A source also reported that Denise was dejected by her daughter’s choice to move out of the house, saying the actress only set rules that would benefit Sami. Apparently, Charlie also disagreed with how Denise raised their children, and the lack of support made it challenging for Denise to maintain authority.

    How Does Sami Look and Live Now?
    After Sami moved in with her dad, Lola often visited when Denise had to work away from home for extended periods of time. Although the two daughters adored spending time with their dad, a source claimed the household had few rules. The source implied they often went without doing their homework and noted:

    “There’s no homework — it’s ice cream and movies and staying up late. There isn’t the same structure going on over there. It’s a lot more fun than staying at home and finishing school and doing normal activities with your friends.”

    According to another source, however, Charlie was an excellent father. He ensured Lola kept up with her homework while helping Sami pass her GED. While admitting that Charlie wasn’t as strict as Denise, the source reported that the actor did everything he could to ensure the two had a healthy routine.

    Charlie Sheen at Project Angel Food on August 18, 2018 in Los Angeles, California | Source: Getty Images

    The source went on to say that Charlie tried to raise his girls to be independent and headstrong but ensured they were polite and responsible. The actor spoke about his kids, saying, “Sam’s amazing. I love her and all my children unconditionally. We’re having a ball. GED here we come!”

    Although Denise’s source referred to Charlie’s house as “Wonderland,” Sami and Lola seemed to be doing well under their father’s supervision. Now, three years after moving out of her mom’s house, Sami is doing great and looks like she’s living a happy life doing things she enjoys.

    The oldest of Charlie and Denise’s two daughters recently posted a series of images on Instagram showing highlights from a trip to Hawaii. In the first three snapshots, Sami strokes a light cream-colored horse. In the rest, she snapped a few selfies on top of two other horses as she and a group went for a ride.

    Sami’s followers applauded the photos, saying she looked radiant in them all. One follower commented, “you’re so pretty,” while another gushed, “Ur so beautiful.” A third follower mentioned, “Awesome pictures beautiful ???????? you look like you had a great time.” Besides Sami and Lola, Charlie has other kids, like daughter Cassandra Estevez.

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