‘Typical Jewish’ Grandma Barbra Streisand Revealed Why Granddaughters’ Parents Are ‘Wonderful’

    Barbra Streisand is a doting grandmother who cried when she received a bracelet with “Grandma” on it.

    Barbra shared a photo of her granddaughters and praised their “wonderful parents” for raising them right.

    Josh Brolin explained why Barbra is a “very typical Jewish grandmother” for his daughters.

    While you might know her as “Funny Girl” or one of the most influential voices in Hollywood, Josh Brolin and his children know her as simply a mother and grandmother. In fact, Brolin has confirmed she’s just like anyone else.

    Barbra Streisand, who married James Brolin and treated his children as her own, has had a successful career in Hollywood and made herself a household name, but now she is a grandmother.

    Streisand and Brolin met in 1996 and then married in 1998. When the couple married, Brolin had adult children, including Josh, and Streisand accepted them as her own children. Streisand also had an adult child from her previous marriage, Jason Gould.

    Brolin and Streisand are close to Brolin’s grown-up son and even live next door to one another. In 2020, Josh and his wife held up a sign at their window, letting Brolin and Streisand know they were loved by the couple’s one-year-old daughter, Westlyn, amid the COVID-19 lockdown.

    Why Did Streisand Praise Her Granddaughters’ Parents?
    Streisand shares a lovely bond with Josh and his wife and has often talked about what they mean to her. Once, she took to Instagram to praise the couple for taking their daughters to “see things that are important.”

    The photo showed the couple’s two daughters standing in a museum amid the displays. The young girls looked up at a yellow dress encased in a glass display. All around them were printed photos and information.

    Streisand has also shared photos of her granddaughters on special occasions. One of the photos was of Westlyn on her fourth birthday, wearing a headdress announcing that she was the birthday girl.

    Why Is Streisand a “Very Typical Jewish Grandmother?”
    Although she is an incredible performer and one of the most famous names in Hollywood, Streisand is a regular grandma to Josh Brolin’s two young daughters, and she loves them very much.

    In 2018, Josh’s wife got Streisand a gift that caused her to shed a few tears. The gift was a bracelet engraved with the word “grandma.” Josh said when she received the gift, she began crying.

    Josh said that she is annoying in a great way because she always wants to be around the children and help Brolin and his wife to take care of their children. He mentioned that she wanted to feed and spend time with his children whenever possible.

    When Josh’s wife was pregnant, he said Streisand was following pregnancy apps so she would know how big the baby was at all times. He said:

    “She is really into it, and I love that she is into it. I mean, it’s like a very typical Jewish grandmother who is saturated by this event. It’s awesome.”

    Josh mentioned that the above situation happened when Josh’s wife was pregnant with their first child, but her views on being a grandma have not changed since she has become a grandmother of two.

    Talking about the bracelet she received from Josh’s wife, Barbara said, “[she] never takes it off.” She said the bracelet was special to her, and she was so grateful that Josh’s wife gave her such a thoughtful gift.

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