Tim McGraw’s Daughter Flaunts Curves in Pink See-through Dress after Criticism for Being Thick & Showing Her Body

    Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s oldest daughter, Gracie, showed her weight loss progress after she was criticized for being “thick” and displaying her body.

    Gracie proved she is a fashionista like her mother in the new photos.

    Tim McGraw and Faith Hill revealed what they think about Gracie.

    Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are arguably one of the biggest couples in country music, and during their union, they welcomed three daughters, Gracie, Audrey, and Maggie. All their daughters have built their own lives, but Gracie has recently been in the headlines.

    Gracie, the eldest of McGraw’s three daughters, has often been criticized for her appearance. Hill and McGraw’s firstborn has been overweight before and was heavily judged by followers of the couple.

    Gracie took to Instagram last year to share a photo of herself in a bikini. She posted the mirror selfie and said although she had never really been comfortable in a bikini, she had purchased it for a reasonable price and felt good in it.

    Followers immediately began berating Gracie for her appearance and for wearing a revealing swimsuit. They asked why she would want to show off her body. Another said she should not be wearing swimsuits. While some followers called her “thick,” others said they didn’t understand why she would show her body off no matter her size. Another said:

    “Probably so hard when your mom is a freaking beauty queen and looks like a model.”

    Despite the hateful comments, Gracie took to Instagram once again in January this year to share a video of herself working out. She mentioned that she was at her most vulnerable when she was exercising.

    Gracie McGraw Is A Fashionista
    Although Gracie has received comments disparaging how she presents herself, she is a fashionista, similar to her mother. She posted a series of photos a week ago and captioned it “This week’s mood board.”

    The first photo was of her dog wearing a bedazzled cap. The second photo shows Gracie in a fashionable outfit, and there are a few photos following those that show Gracie in different trendy outfits.

    The first outfit Gracie wore was an all-black outfit with a high neck and colorful socks, which could be seen as Gracie propped her foot up on the bathroom counter where she took the mirror selfie.

    The next outfit shows Gracie wearing brown pants and a cream-colored jacket with matching fringe. She appeared to be in a changing room with more black clothes on the rack behind her.

    She also posted a photo of herself in a floor-length pink gown with sequins all over it. The dress was fitted with long sleeves, and she also took the picture in a mirror, much like all the others in the series.

    The last outfit was a cute throwback of Gracie when she was much younger. She wore a matching blue skirt and shirt and a pair of red sunglasses, and her hair was pulled back from her face.

    Contrary to the comments Gracie received on last year’s bikini photo, the ones she received on this post were far more complimentary and sweet. One said that the follower loved how Gracie looked in the pink gown.

    Another woman simply commented with a heart emoji, and there was another follower that kindly commented:

    “You are so beautiful and talented, the best of both parents.”

    Many other followers simply said they loved her style and praised her for the way she put her outfits together. Some fans commented that she always looked beautiful in whatever she wore.

    What Do Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Think of Their Daughter
    While followers might not always have lovely things to say about Gracie, her parents remain her biggest fans and are not afraid to show her off on social media from time to time. They have mentioned how proud they are of their eldest child.

    In May last year, McGraw shared a photo of himself and Gracie on his Instagram page, followed by a video of Gracie singing and acting. He mentioned how talented she was and that she had a big heart.

    He told the 25-year-old to keep reaching for her dreams in life and then gushed about her further, saying:

    “You inspire me every day.”

    In 2021, McGraw also shared his daughter’s 24th birthday milestone on Instagram. He shared a video of the pair on a road trip, singing together. There were two videos, and in each, the duo was singing a different song in perfect harmony.

    McGraw said he was proud of his daughter for being a talented and capable young woman who could do anything she wanted to do. He said she is a loving young woman who always makes time for her friends and family.

    He then joked that he knew she found out her birthday coincided with Cinco de Mayo before he knew she did. The post was met with lovely comments praising McGraw for fostering a close relationship with his daughter.

    Others were amazed at how beautiful Gracie’s singing voice was and said she had inherited her parents’ talents. Some followers said they would love to watch the videos all day if they could.

    Although McGraw loves to show Gracie off on social media, he has also spoken about her in interviews. Last year, he said:

    “Gracie, our oldest daughter, is an actress in L.A., and she makes me proud every day because she’s such a strong, independent young lady who speaks her mind. And she makes me proud every day of the way she lives her life.”

    Besides Gracie’s father praising her, her mother also loves praising her eldest daughter for everything she has achieved in life. On her birthday last year, she took to Instagram to wish her daughter a happy birthday.

    She posted a photo of Gracie in a beige outfit, smiling at something outside the frame, and a picture of Gracie with other women dressed up. She asked how it felt for her daughter to be “25 and smokin’ hot.”

    Hill then said Gracie had always been the life of the party and told mentioned how much she loved her eldest child. However, this was not the only opportunity Hill took to show her daughter off to her followers.

    On Gracie’s 21st birthday in 2018, Hill posted a photo of Gracie with a pink bob haircut and subtle makeup. In the caption, Hill talked about what it was like to welcome her first child twenty-one years prior.

    She mentioned that she and McGraw found out what it was like to love someone so immensely and then said:

    “She is joy; she is strength; she is true; she is loyal; she is sunshine; she is fierce; she is art; she is still our baby girl.”

    Hill also shared that she and her daughter had shared many laughs throughout the years and that they always had fun together. Once again, she mentioned how much she loved her daughter.

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