This girl grew up and became a famous singer who was not shy about her weight. Her songs took first place in the charts thanks to her strong voice.

    A little girl, who became a well-known celebrity, grew up in North and South London and didn’t enjoy school before changing institutions.

    She later married the love of her life, but their union ended in divorce.

    One thing the star left the marriage with was her son, whom she dotes on.

    In a previous interview, this little girl, who is now a big celebrity, delved a little into her background. The star, currently living in Los Angeles, revealed how she grew up in Tottenham, North London.

    At age ten, she relocated to South London for a few years and described their house as the best one ever. She stayed with her mother, and the place they lived in was often discussed in the press.

    Their home was situated above a discount store with their roof terrace linked to other houses. The star recalled how “amazing” the experience was, and they lived with a young family that included three little boys who would run around wearing nappies.

    The artist didn’t enjoy school at first but finally thrived when she was 14 and offered attendance at Croydon’s state-sponsored Brit School for Performing Arts & Technology. Her father bought her a Simon & Patrick guitar after she started playing the instrument 18 months before.

    The singer, who can also play the saxophone, had already given up the flute at age 13 because she started smoking. She was launched into fame when she turned 19, releasing her album, “19,” in January 2008.

    In October 2015, her fans got to see what she looked like as a little girl when she shared a throwback Thursday image on Instagram. She appeared with missing teeth as she beamed at the camera.

    Adele performs on stage on the last day of the North Sea Jazz Festival on July 12, 2009, in Rotterdam, Netherlands | Source: Getty Images

    Later in life, the star found love and married before the marriage fell apart. One of the biggest things her fans spoke about was how she lost weight and reestablished herself after becoming single again.

    That little girl who blossomed into a star, as you may know by now, is none other than the singer Adele.

    How Did Adele Lose Weight after Going through a Divorce?
    In September 2019, different sources revealed that Adele was changing her lifestyle. According to a fan, Lexi Larson, from Hingham, Massachusetts, the singer told her that she had focused more on her fitness routine and choosing a healthier lifestyle.

    On January 3, 2020, while vacationing in Anguilla with family friends, then-19-year-old Larson and her friends visited Blanchards Restaurant and Beach Shack for dinner. Harry Styles was dining at a table nearby, and while Larson and her friends were taken by surprise, Adele suddenly appeared and came to sit with them.

    The friendly singer called Styles over, and they spent around 15 minutes talking to the star-struck fans. The psychology student at Elon University said they spoke about life, college, and the pair’s future goals.

    Adele at the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards on January 13, 2013, in Beverly Hills, California | Source: Getty Images

    Larson confessed that she and her friends initially didn’t recognize the songstress because she had lost weight. She recalled how happy and amazing Adele looked while seeming confident. She recalled:

    “She [Adele] said she lost something like 100 pounds, and it’s such a crazy positive experience.”

    The lifestyle change occurred after the singer divorced her ex-husband Simon Konecki. In another interview, she revealed her two-year marriage ended because she wasn’t happy.

    The mother of one explained how neither she nor Konecki did anything wrong in the marriage. However, the pair had been broken up for some time before they announced the news to other people. The reason, she shared:

    “I want my son to see me really love and be loved. It’s really important to me.”

    Since then, the star’s been on a journey to find her true happiness. Although Adele’s marriage didn’t last forever, one positive thing came out of it that the musician dotes on.

    Who Is Adele’s Son with Simon?
    In 2011, Adele started dating Konecki, and on October 19, 2012, they welcomed their only child, son Angelo. The couple secretly tied the knot in 2018 but separated the following year and continued co-parenting their son.

    The charity executive and his ex-wife shared joint custody of their son and even moved across the street from one another in Los Angeles. A source revealed how Angelo is the singer’s “world,” adding:

    “They are doing what’s best for Angelo.”

    In June 2012, Adele announced her pregnancy with a statement on her website. The celebrity shared that she and Konecki were delighted to announce that they were expecting their first child together, and they were over the moon and excited.

    By the following year and months after his birth, the songstress was still going out of her way to keep her son’s name a secret. However, at the 2013 Golden Globes, she thanked her boyfriend and son but didn’t reveal the boy’s name while receiving the award for Best Original Song for the “Skyfall” title track.

    Backstage, the mother of one refused to give her three-month-old son’s name, saying it was personal to her and she was enjoying him on her own. However, she was later seen in Los Angeles wearing a necklace with the name “Angelo,” sparking fan speculation that it might be the boy’s name.

    Adele shared how her son felt like the girls were bullying him because he felt annoyed.
    In 2015, the star discussed her son, calling him “a little angel.” The singer said Angelo brought out everything she liked about herself and is the only person in her life who tells her “no,” as he ruled her and is the boss!

    On “25,” Adele’s third album, she featured her son, then three, saying, “I want to sit next to my mummy,” at the beginning and end of “Sweetest Devotion.” The track also happened to be one the star had written for him, and she once said she loved that her life was now about another person.

    Angelo’s gone with his mother to rehearsals before, but he first saw her perform live in November 2021. At the time, the musician sang her new songs from her “30” album at her “One Night Only” concert special.

    Konecki’s ex-wife even told her audience at Los Angeles’ Griffith Observatory that it was the first time her son was seeing her perform. She felt honored to have her “baby” there that night.

    In a later tweet, the artist confessed she’d never been “so nervous in my life” having her son see her performance. The singer also once recalled an incident where older girls chased Angelo around their school, asking him if the star is his mother, with him responding:

    “He was just like: ‘I think her name’s Adele, yeah. My mom. My mom.’ I’m not Adele to him.”

    Adele shared how her son felt like the girls were bullying him because he felt annoyed. The musician hilariously explained to her son that he wasn’t being bullied and urged him to tell them she is his mother because she’d wiped his bum!

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