‘That Girl’s Marlo Thomas’ Nose ‘Looks Like Michael Jackson’s’ at 85 Though She ‘Still Has a Nice Body’ in Swimsuit

    Marlo Thomas showed off a photo of herself in a swimsuit.

    The users reacted with some wanting to know what happened to her face.

    The actress openly discussed her age and sex.

    On March 24, 2023, Marlo Thomas took to her Instagram account to unveil a blurry throwback picture of her in a swimsuit on the beach. In the image, she posed alongside her husband, Phil Donahue, who wore a T-shirt and shorts that matched his wife’s swimsuit.

    The actress revealed that she and her husband loved visiting an island to enjoy the sun and sand for spring break. She noted how they were in one of their favorite places, Barbados, and how looking at the image relaxed her.

    Marlo Thomas on "That Girl," circa 1970 | Source: Getty Images

    Fans responded to the throwback photo, with some noting how nice Thomas’ body still was for her age, but others thought the changes to her face were disturbing. The actress’ fans were split in their opinions.

    Marlo Gets Nostalgic and Posts Her Bikini Photo
    The Instagram image Marlo re-shared was initially posted as a Throwback Thursday post on May 20, 2021. On the nostalgic post, the star noted how summer was around the corner and that it was “almost the perfect time to hit the beach!”

    One fan loved the photo noting how the actress “still” had a “nice body.” Another person felt the couple both “look great,” adding that Marlo’s swimsuit was “nice” too, while a third fan thought the picture was “cute” before stating:

    “Not the body of any 80-year-old I know!”

    The celebrity was bold enough to show off her body, ignoring any negative responses she might receive. While many believed she had a gorgeous body for her age, others noticed something wrong with her appearance.

    Marlo’s Face Stunned Users: Their Reactions Were Tough
    In November 2022, Marlo shared another Instagram image of herself posing with Alison Sweeney sharing how they would be going live on Hallmark Channel’s Facebook page to talk about their movie. The “A Magical Christmas Village” star received a nasty comment from a follower.

    Marlo Thomas at Hallmark Media's kickoff of "Countdown To Christmas" with a special screening of "A Holiday Spectacular" on October 20, 2022, in New York City | Source: Getty Images

    The fan felt the celebrity had to stop “having facial surgery!” because her nose “looks like Michael Jackson’s,” making it hard to watch her. The person said they didn’t know about the negative comment about Sherri Shephard that Thomas allegedly made.

    The follower shared that the actress had been in her hometown years before and was reportedly “demanding and extremely rude to the wait staff!” In June 2022, Phil’s wife uploaded another Instagram picture of them posing together, and she looked different.

    The “That Girl” star seemed to have gone makeup-free for the shot where she and her husband were in Bermuda for Memorial Day. Someone seemed worried about what Thomas had done to herself, asking if she had a “facelift?”

    Another person thought it was “too bad” that they couldn’t be happy the way they were. An Instagram user said “she doesn’t look like she used to” and that they hadn’t recognized her, while someone else believed Thomas had “ruined” her looks.”

    A fan that saw the post asked what had happened to the actress’ nose and face. Another person who commented on the then 85-year-old star’s post urged her to “age gracefully” as Phil was “fabulous,” while that wasn’t the case for Thomas.

    The follower noted how they had loved the couple since childhood but asked her to stop taking Botox. Taking the attention away from Thomas, someone else noticed how smooth Phil’s skin was and that their mother was the same, with another fan stating:

    “Omg, you [look] like like (sic) a burn victim??”

    A fan thought the couple was “great” but believed the image didn’t look like the actress anymore. The person said Thomas was a “beautiful soul” and urged her to “stop getting face work done!”

    Another follower noted how Phil looked “a bit older and a bit frail,” but his wife had “lost herself to plastic surgery.” The person thought the star’s face looked like it was covered in “Saran Wrap like she has been in a fire” before asking why people did that to themselves.

    Marlo Thomas visits the SiriusXM Studios on December 16, 2019, in New York City | Source: Getty Images

    An Instagram user agreed that Phil looked great, but Thomas was unrecognizable. Someone else asked the celebrity what she’d done to her face, while another believed she’d “overdosed on plastic surgery.”

    [Marlo] Thomas also noted how the sex life would improve the more you were inside each other’s heads.
    Another follower thought she didn’t look like herself, leaving someone else “shocked.” A Thomas fan said they didn’t realize the person in the picture was Donahue’s wife because she looked “so different.”

    Someone who seemed to be following Thomas’s career noted how “sad” it was that the star had “changed drastically over the past 2 years.” A fan figured adding some “eyebrow pencil would help some,” and although she received a lot of criticism, Donahue’s wife didn’t care.

    Marlo Speaks about Age and Sex
    In 2016, Thomas opened up about aging and sex, noting how people would say you couldn’t do something at your age, and encouraged fans not to listen to that. The star said she believed “in motion” that doing something daily got you closer to your dream, no matter how small the steps were.

    The actress, married to Donahue since 1980, said the secret to a successful marriage was sex. However, added to that was being able to listen to your partner so they felt heard and good about themselves.

    Thomas said she was always offering her husband advice, and ten years later, he told her he didn’t want to be told what to do but wanted her to listen. The celebrity shared that listening well would lead to more intimacy with your significant other.

    Thomas also noted how the sex life would improve the more you were inside each other’s heads. The star also urged younger women not to worry about getting older because she’d learned it got easier.

    Donahue’s wife said she’d done it all, work, marriage, and friendships and didn’t have the same anxieties she had when she was young. The difference now was that she’d experienced it all and was now “just having fun.”

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