Suri Cruise Seen Outdoors Looking Like Mom in Her Youth – Dad Tom Is Reportedly ‘Not Allowed’ to Be Part of Her Life

    In 2023, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s daughter Suri turned 17, and soon enough, she will not be a kid anymore. Suri celebrated her birthday on April 18, 2023, marking her very last before she officially becomes an adult. She was called the most stylish child in the world and amazed her parents’ fans with her singing like a famous actress of the 1960s.

    Action movie star Tom Cruise was absent from the 95th Academy Awards ceremony despite his long-awaited sequel “Top Gun: Maverick” being nominated several times.

    The blockbuster garnered five Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Original Song, sound and film editing, and visual effects.

    Actor Tom Cruise attends a red carpet event for the film "Top Gun: Maverick" on June 19, 2022 in Seoul | Source: Getty Images

    Tom starred in the original film in 1986 and appeared in the sequel, too. However, he was nowhere to be seen on the red carpet at the 2023 Oscars.

    Moreover, even though the movie was nominated numerous times, he did not get a nod for an Oscar for his performance. Still, people expected him to attend for the film’s wins that evening.

    Tom’s representative previously revealed that the Hollywood A-lister would not attend the Academy Awards due to scheduling obligations for his sequel of “Mission Impossible 8.”

    Ahead of the ceremony, the “Top Gun: Maverick” producer Jerry Bruckheimer was said to accept the award if the film received the Best Picture Nomination.

    Tom’s Daughter Suri – Who Looks Like Her Mother
    Aside from being a Hollywood star, Tom is a father of a teenage daughter whom he shares with his ex-wife, Katie Holmes. The former couple welcomed their child Suri in April 2006, the same year they married.

    After six years of marriage, Tom and Holmes divorced in 2012. Since then, she has been raising the pair’s daughter alone, away from the limelight, and has provided her with a happy childhood in New York.

    The youngster turned 17 in April 2023. The New York native is an only child and lives full-time with her beloved mom. It appears Suri has followed in her mom’s performing footsteps and has a beautiful singing voice.

    She sang the opening credits to Holmes’s film, “Alone Together” and her mom spoke proudly about her singing abilities in an interview once:

    “She’s very, very talented. She said she would do it and record it and I let her do her thing.”

    Suri does not only take after her mom, but she looks like her, too, according to fans. One Instagram user penned, “She looks so much like a young Katie!”

    Another social media user complimented Suri, who is also an actress, saying, “She looks so naturally beautiful,” alongside a heart-eyes emoji.

    The mother-and-daughter duo was spotted at an airport in New York once, and fans could not help but notice the resemblance between the pair.

    “Spitting image of mom,” wrote one Instagram user. While another shared a string of fire emojis under the social upload and commented, “Beautiful twins.

    Holmes and Suri had just returned from a holiday getaway then and were photographed at Newark Airport in New Jersey on December 27, 2022.

    Suri was seen taking a walk in NYC in February 2023 and wore a pair of jeans paired with a white top, a green puffer jacket, and black boots. Fans complimented her online, with one person writing, “A beautiful young lady!! Katie is an awesome mother!!!”

    Someone else mentioned Suri’s relations with her famous father, Tom, “So sad that her father lost this pretty daughter, and the daughter lost her warm hug from her dad.”

    A third user pointed out that Suri appears unhappy in the photo, commenting, “She always looks so sad, ever since she was a child. I think I’ve seen two pics of her with a genuine smile.”

    Previously, in July 2022, Suri was pictured wearing a white summer dress while taking a stroll in the city and speaking on the phone. While walking, she was photographed with a serious facial expression.

    That same year, the brunette was spotted all smiles while donning a green puffer jacket with a white striped sweater and black pants.

    Tom Was Slammed for Being a ‘Deadbeat Dad’
    Suri has been estranged from her father for a while, and fans have criticized Tom for not being present enough in his child’s life. Ahead of her 17th birthday, Twitter users expressed their disapproval of her dad’s estrangement from her online and blasted him.

    “@tomcruise is a guy who abandoned his daughter,” one person tweeted. The posts came just around the weekend the Oscars took place.

    Another social media user penned, “Tom Cruise is trending. No one seems to want to bring up he supports a dangerous cult that made him disconnect from his own daughter, who he hasn’t seen in years.”

    The same individual questioned when the actor last interacted with his child, “When is the last time Tom talked to his only biological daughter, Suri?”

    Another person referenced Tom’s film “Top Gun, Top Gun: Maverick” sequel, which did not win an Academy Award for Best Picture, adding, “Now may be the time to be an involved father to your kids, Tom. Take Suri to her school one day.”


    One user alleged Katie did a runner with her and Tom’s child while married to him, “The way Katie Holmes needed an exit plan with secret lawyers and burner phones to escape WITH her kid, and people carry on as if it was normal.”

    A fifth-person expressed empathy for what Holmes when through at the time, “I always feel sad for Katie Holmes and how she had to escape Scientology and Tom Cruise.”

    A sixth user referenced 2022’s Oscar incident involving Will Smith and Chris Rock, writing, “If they’re slapping celebrities tonight, let it be Katie Holmes slapping Tom Cruise for being a psycho deadbeat dad.”

    Initially, the “Edge of Tomorrow” star seemed to have had a good relationship with his daughter until he and Holmes parted ways. In July 2019, a former Scientologist, Samantha Domingo, claimed Tom is not supposed to have a relationship with Suri because of his affiliation with the Church of Scientology.

    The same institution the “Dawson’s Creek” alum reportedly wanted to “protect” her daughter from. It is believed that Holmes divorced Tom because of his religion.

    Per multiple media reports, the last time the producer, who shares a close bond with his two older children, Connor and Isabella, was seen with his youngest daughter was in 2012 when they went to Disneyland.

    However, Domingo, who left the church in 2004, alleged the sighting was likely for appearances to make it seem like Tom was involved in her life.

    She revealed the Academy Award nominee, whose older kids are Scientologists, is “not allowed” to be a part of Suri’s life because she is not a member of the Scientology organization.

    Domingo further stressed that the public outing between the father and daughter duo was merely to avoid criticism on Tom’s part. She claimed members of the church are big believers of reincarnation, and from their stance, Suri is not technically Tom’s child but is regarded as a “spiritual being” in her likeness.

    After Holmes filed for a divorce unexpectedly in 2012, she was awarded primary custody of Suri while Tom was given visitation rights only. He was told he would visit his child ten days a month.

    A year after the father of three was publicly spotted with Suri, he gave a vague response about his daughter during an interview.

    At the time, Tom’s movie, “Oblivion,” had just premiered, and he was asked whether he could foresee Suri following in his acting footsteps in the future as she spent time with him on set in the previous years.


    The three-time Golden Globe Award winner deflected on the question by mentioning his two older kids, Connor and Isabella Cruise, whom he shares with his former wife, actress Nicole Kidman:

    “You know what, you never know what kids are going to do. I thought my two oldest would… Whatever she’s going to do, you just want them to do what they want to do in life to be happy.”

    Holmes Is One Proud Mom to Daughter Who Sings Like Doris Day
    Holmes has relished raising her daughter, who is a cool teenager growing into a gorgeous lady. At age six, Suri was named the world’s most stylish child in an online poll and was given the title through a survey on a gifting site.

    At the time, there were speculations that she owned a wardrobe worth $2 million, which included dresses and mini-high heels.

    Suri enrolled at Avenues in 2012, a new exclusive private school at the time in Chelsea. The institution is a 10-minute walk from Holmes’ apartment in Chelsea, overlooking the High Line. Back then, it cost $40,000 per year in tuition fees.

    In July 2022, Holmes, who was the cover star of Shape magazine, spoke fondly about being a mother to her one and only child, Suri, during an interview:

    “I feel very blessed to have such a special daughter. Being her mom is absolutely the greatest gift and privilege.”

    The actress is well within her rights to be proud of her daughter, who sings just like her. In her movie, “Alone Together,” Suri sings “Blue Moon,” and it is evident that she has a great voice and sounds just like her mom.

    Suri has her parent’s soft and dulcet tones, and Holmes could not be prouder. The mother of one gushed about her child’s talent and revealed Suri told her she would make it a record, and she did, adding she allows her to do what she is passionate about.

    “That’s the way I direct in general: ‘It’s like, This is what I think we all want – go do your thing,’” the Ohio native explained. When asked why she specifically chose her daughter for the gig said:

    “I always want the highest level of talent, so I asked her.”

    Suri has been compared to the likes of the late singer and actress Doris Day by fans. A YouTube user shared a clip from the movie “Alone Together,” where Suri could be heard belting out the song “Blue Moon.”

    Fans were highly impressed by Suri’s singing abilities and flooded the comments section to compliment her. One YouTube user stated she did justice to the song in a way that honored it. “Her voice sounded lovely and well-trained where it was not necessary to overperform!!! [..] Bravo Suri!!!”

    Another social media user admitted they played the song repeatedly because of Suri’s soothing voice, adding, “She sounds so wonderful and has so much control in her voice. I’m so impressed.”

    One person shared a similar opinion, writing, “She has a lovely voice.” While another stated, Suri pulled a great performance, adding there is a bright future for her if she wants to pursue a singing career.

    Someone else pointed out that Suri wowed them with her singing while noting that her dad can sing just as well. Another person said the youngster owned the song, “Her voice is crystal clear and pitch perfect.”

    The YouTube user admitted to expecting less from Suri but that she brought her A-game and hopes she would sing more in the future.

    Meanwhile, one individual mentioned she sounded like her famous mom, too, “You can hear Katie’s voice in her daughter’s singing.”

    Another person commented: “Beautiful, Suri’s voice reminds me of a young Doris Day: clear as a bell and perfect phrasing.” The said individual added it was a nice touch for Suri to use a Billie Holiday orchestration as well.

    As a child of two well-known Hollywood stars, Holmes and Tom, another user mentioned Suri definitely has star talent, which she inherited from both her parents.

    Over a decade ago, Holmes was asked during an interview whether she and the father of her child would ever collaborate on a movie together. She said it would be possible if things were planned accordingly to fit their needs.

    The interviewer suggested a musical film, and the director said the experience could be enjoyable. She said Tom has an “incredible” voice.

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