Stefanie Powers Appeared in Heels & New Haircut at 80 after Private Life in Kenya in Honor of Late Partner

    The “Hart to Hart” star Stefanie Powers had two unsuccessful marriages before she found love with actor William Holden who died in 1981. The couple traveled the world, and Powers took a break from the public eye. After a long hiatus, she appeared at an award show in Germany.

    Stefanie Powers is a long-standing actress who has appeared in several TV shows and movies. Power’s career began when she was 16, and since then, she’s landed many roles.

    The actress has made over 200 guest appearances in TV shows, which include 18 mini-series and two weekly shows. Some of those are “The Feather and Father Gang” and the long-standing mystery series, “Hart to Hart,” where she played the role of Jennifer Heart.

    Stefanie Powers in California in 1992 | Source: Getty Images

    In 1966 Powers married her first husband, Gary Lockwood, but their union ended in 1972. She went on to tie the knot again in 1993 with Patrick De La Chenais, but their relationship fizzled in 1974.

    After two failed marriages, Powers started a relationship with William Holden, one of the most prominent actors in the 1950s and 24 years her senior.

    But despite their age gap, the actress said they had the same curiosities about life. They bonded over their shared love for the wilderness and travel.

    “We were soulmates,” Powers admitted. She said out of their nine years together, Holden spent six sober, giving them the best moments together, like traveling to Africa.

    Their travel days in Africa were some of the couple’s favorite. “Being outdoors, sleeping under the sky, tracking animals. It was a real-life adventure,” Powers remembered.

    Unfortunately, Holden died in 1981, at the peak of his career. The actor received an Oscar nomination for the film “Network” in 1977. However, what held him back was his alcohol abuse.

    Stefanie Powers photographed for 'The Feather and Father Gang' in 1977 | Source: Getty Images

    Powers confessed that Holden had an apartment where he secretly drank. On the day of his passing, the actress was filming “Hart to Hart” in Hawaii and recalled struggling to get a hold of him

    But after several attempts to contact him, she never heard back. Holden was later discovered dead in his home after he fell and hit his head.

    Reports stated that Holden was heavily drunk, but his death was caused by the amount of blood he lost from his head injury.

    Stefanie Powers in Public for the First Time After Life in Kenya: Now She Looks Different
    Powers continued Holden’s legacy and started a foundation in his name. As a tribute to him and his love for wildlife, the actress founded The William Holden Wildlife Foundation in Kenya.

    The foundation promotes the conservation and humane treatment of animals. Powers is the foundation’s president, with headquarters in California and on Holden’s Game Ranch in Kenya.

    The actress loves to educate herself about agriculture. She shared a picture of herself at a local farm in Kenya, standing next to bamboo trees with an informative caption about the benefits of the plant.

    Powers shared another picture of herself standing next to an elephant. This time the actress was raising awareness about the amount of ivory that is being smuggled and urged people to fight for animal conversation.

    While she traveled through the African continent and educated herself about nature, Powers had been absent from the screen. She made a public appearance when she was in Germany for an award show.

    Stefanie Powers in Germany, Duesseldorf in 2023 | Source: Getty images

    The actress arrived looking fashionable. She wore a black ruffled dress with a blazer over it and paired it with stalkings and black pumps. She wore her ginger short hair and bangs out and accessorized with a grey tassel necklace and a big black ring.

    Fans were excited about Power’s comeback. The comments were filled with a lot of love. One fan was shocked at how young the 80-year-old looked. “How is it that you manage to look younger and younger… and those heels! Fabulous! Just fabulous!” gushed the fan.

    Another user expressed how much they loved Powers’ show “Hart to Hart” and that after years it is still the best show to help them destress. “Stefanie, you are gorgeous! Love ‘Hart to Hart’ in Brazil, our ‘Casal 20’!! Yes! Love from Brazil!!” another fan excitedly exclaimed.

    Stefanie Powers Survived an Illness to Continue Her Good Deeds
    Powers was a smoker for a long time until she faced the scary diagnosis of lung cancer. She confessed that the diagnosis shocked her but said her frequent doctor visits were why she survived.

    Powers felt fortunate that her cancer was detected early, and since surviving the disease, she has advocated for people to get regular doctor’s checkups.

    However, the actress said she was unsure if her years of smoking brought her cancer because her step-sister, who had never smoked, also survived the same diagnosis.

    Surviving lung cancer was Power’s new lease on life. She had to undergo a procedure with a portion of her lungs removed two days after her mother’s death.

    Nonetheless, Powers’ mission is to spend the rest of her days advocating for wildlife animals and growing her foundation.

    The Hollywood native had gained immense success through her organization and received several awards for her contribution to the field.

    She is also an Oxford Literary Festival member and has spoken to many renowned authors about environmental issues. Powers is also a board member of four zoos in North America and presented a three-part series called “Funding your Dreams” for women who are thinking of building investment portfolios.

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