«She was changed beyond recognition!» Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife ruined herself after plastic surgery

    «Arnold definitely wouldn’t fall in love with her now!»🤢❌Schwarzenegger’s wife was once a unique beauty💖👩🏻After plastic surgery, fans were horrified to see her👩🏻‍⚕️💉Many didn’t even believe that it’s the wife of the Terminator in these photos📷😮Just see her here⬇️

    You won’t be able to recognize Schwarzenegger’s previous wife in recent paparazzi photos! Unsuccessfully, she decided to use the services of plastic surgeons, and after the changes, Shriver appeared before the public again. Her appearance caused real delight among fans.

    Most recently, Maria Shriver, the ex-wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger, was caught by the paparazzi on the streets of Santa Monica. This time it is clear that she has turned from a former beauty into a strange and unattractive incarnation. It was extremely difficult to recognize her in the photographs.

    It is difficult to admit, but it is a fact: she has undergone such changes that it has become difficult to recognize her, and her attractiveness has faded into the background. Apparently, the actress tried to preserve her youth, but the result was unsuccessful. This experiment led to noticeable changes that affected not only her appearance, but also her previous attractiveness.

    «This is really ugly!», «Why did she subject her beauty to such a test?», «Plastic surgeons laughed at her!», «How does she live with such a face?», this is what Internet users said. Many confidently assumed that Arnold would be amazed to see how his ex-wife had changed.

    Maria and Arnold united in marriage and lived together for 25 years. However, last year their paths unraveled, ending a long and complex divorce process that took almost 10 years.

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