“She may be older chronologically, but she’s a baby. Still always be my baby. That sweet.”

    Sam Elliott’s wife, Katharine Ross, celebrated 83!

    Now Ross has made peace with their only daughter after litigation and misunderstandings.

    Sam explained why their 38 years of marriage worked.

    Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross are one of Hollywood’s couples that managed to make their relationship work, as they had been married for 38 years in early 2023! Reaching so many years as a United States celebrity was quite the feat.

    The actor was famous for starring in movies like “The Big Lebowski” and “Tombstone.” Sam, well-known for his bushy mustache and love for acting as a cowboy, military character, and biker, also appeared in the 2015 television series “Justified” and “The Ranch.”

    Katharine Ross and Sam Elliott at the Second Annual Benefit Concert for Malibu Emergency Room on March 18, 1984,\u00a0in Malibu, California | Source: Getty Images

    In 1978, the actor and his future wife met while filming the movie “The Legacy” in London, where they played a couple. The star even got to do voice-over work as the forest fire-prevention mascot “Smokey Bear!”

    His long history in the entertainment industry made him and others one of Hollywood’s most well-known leading men. Almost a decade earlier, the “A Star Is Born” actor, featured in the movie with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper as Bobby, had a small role in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.”

    However, he never met Katharine on the set. In 2015, he explained that he didn’t talk to her back then because she was the leading lady. Sam described himself as a “shadow on the wall” and an extra compared to Katharine.

    Fate did bring them together, and they fell in love, and by 2018, the couple was dividing their time between their Oregon and California homes. The actor confessed that marriage was work but worth it.

    He said their relationship lasted because they had a “common sensibility.” However, another thing that played a significant role in their longevity was that they also worked at being together and the past issues that they couldn’t just walk away from, adding that things progressed well:

    “Through mutual love and a mutual respect.”

    Katharine Ross and Sam Elliott at Plaza Classic Film Festival press conference on August 2, 2019, in El Paso, Texas | Source: Getty Images

    The star believed that determination was essential and noted how there were valleys and peaks, but one had to push forward. The couple knew how to make an effort, take the time, and give the commitment to make their relationship everlasting.

    In 2017, Katharine’s husband also felt that their love for each other made their marriage work. The “Mask” actor shared how he’d wanted two things: a movie career and a marriage and a family.

    Sam could get everything he wanted, but things weren’t always smooth between his wife and their daughter. Katharine had misunderstandings with their only child, but that’s all water under the bridge now.

    Katharine Made Peace at 83 with Their Only Daughter after Having Problems and Litigation
    On January 29, 2023, Katharine turned 83! In September 2022, it was revealed that the actress had gotten a restraining order in 2011 against her and Sam’s daughter, Cleo Rose Elliott, after she allegedly stabbed her repeatedly.

    Katharine Ross, Sam Elliott, and their daughter Cleo Elliott Ross at\u00a0the premiere of "The Hero"\u00a0on June 5, 2017, in Hollywood, California | Source: Getty Images

    “The Graduate” star, then 71 when the incident occurred, said Cleo, then 26, had “verbally and emotionally abused” her even as a little girl. Cleo allegedly became increasingly violent at age 12 or 13, and things eventually came to a head with the attack.

    Katharine filed the protective order without the help of an attorney, and it wasn’t clear what had caused the altercation. However, on Christmas Day in 2022, the mother and daughter pair appeared to have made peace.

    Cleo uploaded two Instagram pictures of her and Katharine bonding while building a puzzle together. Sam’s daughter explained in the post’s captions that she and her mother loved participating in the activity together.

    It seemed the pair had buried the hatchet and were on better terms by the time Katharine turned 83. Sam didn’t appear to have any issues with Cleo and had what looked like a smooth sailing relationship.

    Sam Loves Walking with His Daughter near Their Malibu House
    In 2017, Sam revealed that he “just really love[d]” being with Cleo, then 32. “The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot” actor said it didn’t matter what they were doing; he enjoyed it regardless, but what he loved most was taking walks with his singer/songwriter daughter.

    Sam Elliott, Katharine Ross, and their daughter\u00a0Cleo Rose Elliott and a guest at The Moscow Circus on March 14, 1990,\u00a0in Inglewood, California | Source: Getty Images

    The father-daughter pair would take walks along the beach searching for rocks near his Malibu home. In December 2008, it was revealed that the then-24-year-old Cleo would be releasing her first solo album.

    Katharine’s only child was going to drop the album at the end of January 2009, a few years before their significant fallout. It was said that the musician’s influences were her “polar-opposite musical training and preferences.”

    Being an only child, “The Good Dinosaur” actor’s daughter learned how to play the flute and studied some guitar in school. Despite learning to play different instruments, Cleo always considered herself a singer.

    Cleo [Rose Elliott] once shared that classical opera was the best way to warm up one’s voice if one wanted to sing rock music.
    Luckily, her famous parents always encouraged all her musical goals. Katharine and Sam’s daughter revealed that she had all of her parents’ old vinyl records and shared some of her favorite albums.

    Cleo said she thoroughly enjoyed “Heartbeat City” by The Cars, “Eat a Peach” by the Allman Brothers, and some good ol’ Led Zeppelin. The singer also revealed how much she loved some of Madonna’s older stuff.

    Sam’s daughter spent three years studying at Malibu High and then attended Colin McEwan High School. By the time she graduated from her second high school, Cleo had already found her life’s calling.

    The musician trained as a classical singer with her teacher, Charity Chapman. Cleo once shared that classical opera was the best way to warm up one’s voice if one wanted to sing rock music.

    She credited the music genre for not losing her voice whenever she “rocked out.” “The Stepford Wives” actress’ daughter started singing as a young girl while getting encouragement from her grandmother and preferred live performances compared to recording.

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