She has no equals! The scandalous appearance of Lady Gaga in a revealing dress has long been actively discussed

    No one would deny that Lady Gaga is among the brightest, most actively-discussed and most scandalous celebrities of our time. She doesn’t think before appearing in revealing outfits in front of millions. The Hollywood diva has recently made a splash.

    All eyes were on her daring look and many rushed to compliment her on her attractiveness and bravery. «Dressed to kill!», «She has no equals!».

    «No one can be her!», «I have no words to describe how stunning she looks here!», «It is when you try to save fabric».

    «It is already too much, to be honest!», «She is like good wine. She is getting only better».

    «No words needed!», «Iconic! No question!».

    Do you share the same opinion?

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