Robert Wagner Raised 3 Women after Ex’s ‘Unthinkable’ Death — He Looks ‘Wonderful’ at 93 & Celebrates Firstborn’s Birthday

    Robert Wagner is 93 years old and is still deemed the “classiest man alive.”
    He lost his wife, Natalie Wood, to a tragic accident and has kept his family close as they process this significant loss.
    His daughters Courtney and Natasha will do anything to protect him and are thankful for his support.
    Robert Wagner, an actor famously known for his role in “Hart to Hart,” “It Takes a Thief,” and “Swift” recently wished his eldest daughter Katie Wagner a happy birthday in an emotional Instagram post.

    The actor expressed his pride in the woman Katie had grown up to be, especially as a mother, daughter, and wife. Wagner shares Katie with ex-wife Marion Marshall, whom he married a year after his first marriage to Natalie Wood ended.

    Robert Wagner photographed at a swimming pool in 1955 | Source: Getty Images

    Another birthday post from Wagner had fans still praising him for how “wonderful” he looked. This time he was celebrating his son-in-law Barry Watson.

    The two sat on an outdoor couch smiling. Wagner wore a black T-shirt and a gold bracelet on each wrist. His gray hair stood out in the sweet photo.

    The comment section was filled with compliments for the 93-year-old, especially regarding his style. One fan wrote, “Robert Wagner is still the classiest man alive.” Others were pleased to see the actor looking “wonderful and happy” and did not forget to mention how “handsome” he looked.

    The actor has close connections with all his children, but his romantic relationships have not always taken a linear route. He first married Wood in 1957, but they divorced in 1961.

    The actor then moved on with Marshall. After eight years, the pair ended their marriage, with Wagner and Wood rekindling their love soon after. They tied the knot again in 1972 and welcomed a child, Courtney.

    Unfortunately, Wood died unexpectedly while Wagner and their friends were on a boat trip. Following the tragic loss, the actor married Jill St. John, and they have been together since 1990.

    Robert Cried When Natalie Wood’s Daughter Confronted Him about Mom’s Death
    The night of Wood’s death still holds much trauma for Wagner. In the HBO documentary “Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind,” he explained that he, Wood, and actor Christopher Walken went to dinner offshore and started to get into an alcohol-fueled argument about how hard Wood worked.

    Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner, photographed in 1960 | Source: Getty Images

    Amid the squabble, the actress excused herself to get some rest. Wagner and Walken stayed behind and continued arguing, but when he returned to check on his wife, she was gone, and so was the dinghy.

    After a rigorous search involving the authorities, Wagner was told that Wood’s body had been found in the ocean. The actress’s death was initially ruled as an accidental drowning in 2011, but in 2018, Wagner was added as a person of interest in his wife’s death. He did not fight the authority’s decision and was eventually proven innocent.

    After Wood’s death, Wagner took in her daughter Natasha as his own. Natasha even defended her stepfather against accusations surrounding her mother’s death.

    She said she had been advised to ignore the speculations, but eventually, she could not take it anymore. She revealed that had her mother been distressed, Wagner would have done everything for her well-being.

    Additionally, Natasha emphasized that the documentary “Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind,” which she c0-produced, was not to interrogate Wagner about that night but for them to communicate openly about how they have been dealing with this painful loss. “I wanted him to feel safe enough to unfold, like a flower, be honest, and show his humanity. That was my goal or intention for that interview,” she reiterated.

    Looking back at the uncomfortable experience of telling Courtney and Natasha about the death of their mother, the actor said he consulted with a therapist first about the best way to break the news to the girls. As a father, he was wary but detailed about the funeral planning, the details of the night, and the difficulty of returning to their everyday lives.

    The family did not discuss the incident in the media for long. They kept the healing process private, and each time the question came up, they admitted the bruises were still fresh.

    Robert Wagner and his daughters Natasha Gregson and Katie Wagner in California, in 1987 | Source: Getty Images

    Admittedly, the secret to dealing with the loss and grief has been keeping and maintaining a close relationship as a family. Wagner is inseparable from his daughters, and they would also do anything for their father’s well-being.

    How Did Robert Wagner Raise Three Girls?
    Understandably, Natasha was heartbroken when she heard about her mother’s passing. “It was just the unthinkable,” she said.

    Even though most of the details were blurred to her for a while, she felt her world crashing, voices fading out, and everything looking black and white.

    Natasha credited Wagner and her biological father, Richard Gregson, a.k.a “Daddy Gregson” for trying to pick up the pieces and make life easier for her. “I am so happy I have two dads who were so committed to raising me and helping me through,” she expressed.

    Meanwhile, Wagner confirmed his intense relationship with Natasha helped them navigate their loss. On Father’s Day, the actor was all smiles, surrounded by his children and grandkids, and said he was proud to be in their lives.

    While Wagner is considered the nicest man by his family, he has also managed to maintain a steady career as a leading man in Hollywood. His catalogs include “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery,” where he played Dr. Evil, and the hit series, “Two and a Half Men,” to name a few.

    Jill St. John and Robert Wagner in New York, in 2017 | Source: Getty Images

    The actor has also been happily in love for 33 years with his wife, St. John. The couple is enjoying grandparenthood while watching their children grow their own families.

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