Rarely-seen Randolph Mantooth, a.k.a. Johnny Gage from “Emergency!” finally reappeared at 77 and opened up about his life now

    Randolph Mantooth, a.k.a. Johnny Gage from “Emergency!” made a rare appearance at 77 and opened up about his life now.

    The actor found love later in life and talked about his complicated relationship with his son.

    Randolph also made it clear whom he considers real heroes in life.

    Randolph Mantooth is perhaps most famous for his role in ‘Emergency!” in the 1970s; he has many more acting credits than the seven-season TV drama. He also starred in “Bridge Across Time,” “The Seekers,” “Fire Serpent,” and “Loving.”

    Now, he has shared a rare update about his life at 77. He was unlucky in love until his later years, but he now lives happily despite a strained relationship with his son for most of his life. He has even talked about his real-life heroes.

    Randolph Mantooth in "Emergency!" Season Three | Source: Getty Images

    After starring in “Emergency!” he experienced a quiet period in his career in the early 80s. Then he starred in other series like “The City,” “General Hospital,” and “As the World Turns.” Because of his TV roles, his fans often called him a hero.

    Yet, Mantooth doesn’t believe he should be anyone’s hero and instead says he sees other people as his hero. He shared:

    “People tell me this all the time…they come up to me and say, ‘You’re my hero,’ I say no. I’m just the face. You’re the body. You do the work. You’re on the front line. Believe me, when I tell you from the bottom of my heart — if you’re a firefighter…an EMT…a paramedic — you’re my hero.”

    These days, Mantooth is even an advocate for first responders, serving as a spokesperson for the IAFF and the IAFC, both of which aid in firefighter health and safety. The veteran actor has also always been a member of the NAEMT.

    Mantooth feels he has a debt to repay to first responders and feels like it’s a debt he can only repay partially. Still, he tries to be involved in the various organizations he is part of and feels it is imperative to do so.

    Although Mantooth is considered a hero to many and gives of himself for the organizations he feels are important, his family life has not always been as rewarding as his professional life. He and his son did not have a great relationship.

    Randolph Mantooth in "Operation Petticoat" in 1978 | Source: Getty Images

    Besides his complicated relationship with his son, Mantooth was unlucky in love. He divorced his first wife and only got married again in his late 50s. It has been an enduring relationship, though.

    What Relationship Does Mantooth Have with His Wife and Son?
    Mantooth has been married twice, once to Rose Parra and then to Kristen Conners, who he tied the knot with in 2002 at the age of 56. Mantooth and Conners appeared together in the film “Scream of the Bikini” as husband and wife.

    The couple has shown up on various red carpets and seems very much in love. However, Mantooth’s relationship with his son dramatically differs from the one he shared with his new bride.

    Once talking about his son, Mantooth revealed that his son was involved in unsavory activities, and he found himself in denial about them. He admitted he funded these activities for his son behind his wife’s back, but he knew it was a mistake for him to do so.

    Mantooth couldn’t believe what his son was doing and didn’t want Conners to be any the wiser, but it didn’t take long for him to understand that enabling his son and hiding it from his wife was the wrong move.

    Kirsten Conners and Randolph Mantooth at NBC's 75th Anniversary Special in 2002 | Source: Getty Images

    Although he has been through some tough times, Mantooth appears happy now that his wife and fans surround him. He has struggled with some health issues but has been supported by those he loves.

    How Does Johnny Gage from “Emergency!” Look and How is He Doing?
    In 2015, Mantooth took to social media to share a photo of many detour signs. The caption with the picture explained precisely why he had shared the image and what he had been going through in the months prior.

    He started the post by apologizing to his fans for being notably absent from social media. He thanked his fans for their unwavering support throughout the years, even when he was not active on his social media pages.

    He mentioned that their support never ceased to amaze him and meant more to him than he could express to his fans. He then began telling the story of why he had stayed off social media for so long.

    The actor said he had been diagnosed with cancer earlier that year and shared the news with only a small group of family and friends who he knew would respect his privacy and support him throughout the journey.

    He then confirmed that he had completed treatment successfully and was looking forward to his road to recovery. He mentioned the days and weeks prior had been difficult for him and his family and that he had lost his sister to cancer while he was battling.

    Mantooth admitted he might not post much for a while as he regained his strength but thanked his fans for their continued patience and support throughout his struggles.

    Mantooth shared a video of himself on Facebook going through all the new fan mail he had received. Mantooth sat on orange outdoor furniture and mentioned his onscreen character Johnny Gage, saying that’s how everyone remembered him.

    Randolph Mantooth in "Operation Petticoat" in 1978 | Source: Getty Images

    He then called his dog, Frito, into the frame and mentioned that Frito was not allowed on the furniture, but he wanted fans to see the dog. He then said that another dog, Buck, was also there.

    Mantooth apologized to his fans for being unable to reply to the fan mail as quickly as usual and explained he had been shooting a documentary, which led him to be too busy to attend to the fan mail.

    He assured his fans he felt much better and thanked them for their good wishes. Mantooth made the video a live event, and people worldwide tuned in to wish him well. Mantooth still has many loyal fans!

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