Not every 63-year-old woman would dare: The natural appearance of Stone with no makeup became the subject of discussions

    Many still hardly realize that outstanding and well-known movie star Sh. Stone is already 63 since the celebrity seems not to know what «aging» is and is still enjoying herself to the fullest. Her recent candid photos without makeup made a splash.

    There were a lot of people who rushed to scold the movie star and intensively criticize her in the comment section.

    *Her age is already showing itself*, *She has no equals*, *Even with no makeup she looks beautiful*, *She is one of a kind*.

    *We appreciate your honesty*, *Far not every 63-year-old woman would dare*.

    *It is time you accept your age and wear what is appropriate for you*, *Stop ignoring your age!*, *She won’t ever be the same*.

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