Nicole Kidman’s Body Amazes at 55 after Accusation of Starving Herself – Spouse Looks at Her with Adoring Eyes

    Nicole Kidman’s body was called “terrible,” “malnourished,” and a “walking skeleton” at 55 after she went to the beach with her spouse, Keith Urban, and their two daughters.

    Kidman showed off her figure in matching outfits with Keith.

    Keith feels like “the luckiest guy on the planet” to have his “babygirl.”

    Nicole Kidman was one of the many stars who attended the Oscars on March 12, 2023. Although she wasn’t nominated for an award at the event, she presented one, and was accompanied and supported by her husband, Keith Urban.

    Kidman, who was then married for 16 years to her husband, already had five Oscar nominations. The last one was in 2022, for her role in “Being the Ricardos,” and she’s only won one in 2003 for “The Hours.”

    Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman at the 95th Annual Academy Awards on March 12, 2023, in Hollywood, California | Source: Getty Images

    The husband and wife dressed in matching all-black outfits, with the country singer wearing a tuxedo while his wife stunned in a sequin-covered Armani Privé gown. The actress, then 55, showed off her incredible body in her one-sleeve dress that had floral detailing on the shoulder and hip.

    The gown boasted a thigh-high slit, and she added matching strappy heels, and diamond jewelry. The star’s blond hair was styled to be long and loose, but the day before at the pre-Oscars Awards Dinner in Los Angeles, she wore a different outfit.

    At the 14th annual event at the Beverly Hills Hotel’s Polo Lounge, Kidman arrived dressed in a navy blue tweed skirt that sported black tulle ruffled on the hem, showing off her long legs. The actress included a matching double-breasted jacket and added pearls around her neck.

    This time her hair was in a ponytail and she wore blue slingback heels. The star uploaded an Instagram image of herself wearing her outfit, leading fans to comment, with one person noting how “lucky” Keith was.

    Someone else replied to the previous fan, sharing how they were “pretty certain” the country singer deserved and cherished her. Another person thought the two stars were lucky to have found each other.

    A follower also agreed that Keith was, indeed, a lucky man to have his wife, while someone else praised the actress for her “beautiful, slim, and trim figure.” However, the trolls were close by with their own negative comments.

    Does Nicole Really Look “Terrible” and “Malnourished” in a Swimsuit at 55?
    On March 1, 2023, Kidman was photographed spending some private time on a Sydney, Australia beach where she was joined by her husband and their daughters, Faith and Sunday. Keith went shirtless while his wife sported a black long-sleeved swimsuit.

    The “Moulin Rouge” star were seen resting on a towel on the sand and chatting at one point, before sharing a water bottle. The actress seemed happy as she enjoyed her family’s company, and after taking a swim, she dried herself off before changing into a chambray shirt and white shorts.

    Kidman and her husband later went for a romantic stroll on the water’s edge, and they appeared more in love than ever as they took in the scenery. Daily Mail shared an article on Facebook that showed the actress in her swimsuit, leading fans to comment.

    While the star hadn’t gone on the beach to show off her body, but to enjoy her time with her family, she received a lot of nasty comments from the publication’s post. One critic felt the figure Kidman had was built from eating one lettuce leaf per day.

    Someone else thought the actress was “painfully thin,” while a third person said she looked anorexic, and another critic noted that Keith’s wife was “anorexic, not slender.” Another Facebook user shared how “Keith is HOT. She is NOT.”

    A social media user felt a burger could help the actress’ looks because she was “so thin now.” Someone else couldn’t understand how Kidman could think she was healthy because she looked “so malnourished.”

    Another follower recommended several cheeseburgers, while a fan said she needed to gain some pounds. A Facebook user believed the way Kidman was so thin if she turned sideways she’d disappear, with someone else noting:

    “She looks terrible need to cover up the legs when you get older.”

    Another troll described her as a “walking skeleton” and felt the star looked “as white as a ghost.” Despite all the mean and uncalled for comments, it was a blessing that Kidman only had one person to impress with her looks.

    How Keith Looks at His “Babygirl” with Adoring Eyes?
    In 2016, Keith’s wife, whom he married in 2006, was nominated for a SAG Award for her role on “Grace of Monaco,” and attended the event with him. During an interview ahead of the event, Kidman confessed that she prepared to play the role of the actress by meeting several people who knew her.

    The star also studied Grace Kelly, and had known about her all her life because her mother was a fan. The actress also asked Keith whether he liked Marilyn Monroe or Kelly, and he adoringly confessed that he fell in “the you camp!”

    The year after, he [Keith Urban] shared a photo of him playing the piano while his wife [Nicole Kidman] stood by enjoying the music.
    In another interview that same year, the country music singer said he would’ve loved to be worthy of someone like his wife, but was far away from there when they met. However, they discovered they shared real love, with him stating:

    “I literally just feel like the luckiest guy on the planet.”

    On his wife’s birthday in 2021, the “Only You Can Love Me This Way” singer shared an Instagram photo of him and his wife laughing as they held a bouquet of flowers. The musician wrote, “Happy happy birthday babygirl!!!!!!”

    Even on their wedding anniversary that same year he uploaded a lovely Instagram image of him hugging the actress. He showed how much he loved her despite all the criticisms she received, by revealing that his life started when he said “I do.”

    For her birthday in 2022, Keith shared a picture of him kissing her on the forehead, wished her a happy one and called her “babygirl” again, a term of endearment that he used a lot. In 2017, when they celebrated eleven years of marriage, the singer admitted that his wife still felt like his girlfriend.

    The year after, he shared a photo of him playing the piano while Kidman stood by enjoying the music. He wished his “babygirl” a happy twelfth anniversary and said he loved her, and in 2019 he celebrated thirteen years of marriage with an image of them at the beach and used the endearment again.

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