Natalie Wood’s daughters were just 7 and 10, respectively, when she died at 43 in 1981. Wagner decided to raise Wood’s daughter and their shared child together after her death

    Robert Wagner will soon turn 93!

    The ex-husband of Natalie Wood decided to raise her daughter and their shared child together after her death.

    Now, he is still close to family and loves spending time with his grandkids.

    Robert Wagner, one of the most beloved American actors of all time, dated several of the best actresses and celebrities in Hollywood in his prime. He was known for roles in the series “Takes a Thief” and “NCIS.”

    But his relationship with Natalie Wood, whom you might remember from “West Side Story” and “Rebel Without a Cause,” left a deep mark on the beloved actor.

    Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner, circa 1960. | Source: Getty Images

    The couple married in 1957 when Wood was 18 and divorced five years later. The actress went on to marry Richard Gregson in 1969 but separated from him in 1972.

    She remarried Wagner that same year and remained with him until her untimely passing in 1981. After the actress’s death, Wagner dedicated his life to his daughters.

    He had Katie, his daughter with Marion Marshall, and Courtney, his daughter with Natalie Wood. However, Natasha Gregson Wagner, Wood’s daughter with Richard Gregson, became part of their family.

    Robert Wagner, a “Courageous” Father and Grandfather: His Daughter Admires Him
    Natalie Wood’s daughters, Natasha and Courtney, created an Instagram account to share and celebrate the life of their mother and family. They have posted pictures of their important events filled with happiness.

    On his 90th birthday, she added a picture of Wagner with his wife Jill St. John, the three sisters, and the grandchildren. In the caption, Natasha wrote:

    “So here it is, in honor of our dad’s 90th birthday today, the first posed family photo we have taken in a couple decades.”

    Natasha hoped for the entire family to still be so vital and healthy at her father’s age. They used Katie Wagner’s friend, Greg Gorman, as their photographer.

    The actor has his own social media account and often posts about his children and grandchildren. On May 30, 2022, he posted a picture with his granddaughter, Clover, Natasha’s only daughter.

    They were celebrating her 10th birthday, and the young girl is seen hugging her grandfather tightly in the image, proving that love is the only thing that makes a family. For the caption, Wagner wrote:

    “A kiss for this special granddaughter of ours on her 10th birthday. Grandma and Grandpa love you Clover and wish you a very happy and incredible birthday.”

    In another photo from Robert Wagner’s account, you can see the beloved actor, Clover, and his son-in-law, Barry Watson, Natasha’s second husband.

    It’s more than evident that Wagner considers Natasha and her family his own. He has always viewed her as a daughter, no matter who her biological father is. The actor captioned the image:

    “Had a terrific visit and lunch!!”

    There are no limits to love, and the entire family is expected to gather once again on February 10 for Robert Wagner’s 93rd birthday!

    Robert Wagner Recalls the Night He Lost Natalie Wood
    In Wagner’s new memoir, “I Loved Her in the Movies: Memories of Hollywood’s Legendary Actresses,” he reflects back on Natalie Wood’s accidental death on November 29, 1981, near Catalina Island.

    The actor said that he couldn’t function after her drowning and thought his own life had ended, too. However, he was surrounded by loved ones who supported him through the tragedy, stating:

    “I thought I would never get up, you know? My children helped me heal. And my friends were so supportive. And slowly I was able to get up. I got on my feet but it was very, very difficult and a sad time.”

    Wagner kept her memory alive by focusing on family and raising their daughters. Meanwhile, Natasha and Courtney got together and released a fragrance called “Natalie.”

    The new product honors their mother’s favorite scent, Jungle Gardenia, and the actor couldn’t be happier to see his daughters becoming businesswomen who are thriving in their field. The actor explained:

    “Her mother was a very, very special and loving and caring person. She meant so much to Natasha. They were so close and she wants to share that.”

    Families come together through shared experiences but thrive when they stand tall during the most challenging times. It’s clear that the Wagner family has only bonded even further, and the actor’s upcoming birthday will reflect their love for each other.

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