Mayim Bialik Was Teased for ‘Big’ Nose & ‘Pointy’ Chin — Single Mom of 2 is Grateful Partner Finds Her Beautiful

    Mayim Bialik once admitted that she might’ve turned to plastic surgery if she had grown up in the current era of social media.

    After years of marriage, she and her husband, Michael Stone, went their separate ways but ensured their children’s well-being was secure.

    Luckily, Bialik dated men who “found her beautiful”, and she’s now in a loving relationship with a single father.

    During her interview in the “Life is Short With Justin Long” podcast in July 2022, Mayim Bialik opened up about beauty standards. Over the years, “The Big Bang Theory” actress has had to field negative comments from social media users about her looks.

    Mayim Bialik at The Los Angeles LGBT Center Gala on April 22, 2023, in Los Angeles, California | Source: Getty Images

    Speaking to Long on his Spotify podcast, the actress, then 46, revealed how grateful she is that social media hadn’t been around during her childhood years, because it would have had a greater impact on her body consciousness.

    In 2017, the actress confessed that she would never consider having a nose job because she would be “terrified.” However, she also admitted to Long that wished she had a “different face” in high school, something she felt many young boys and girls experienced too. Bialik added, that if social media was around then, the pressure to look good would have gotten to her and:

    “I probably would have asked for plastic surgery.”

    According to the actress, she was not popular in school, so she didn’t get invited to parties much, add to that the fact that she was flat-chested until she was 16. And although she had already acquired fame for her role in “Blossom” while in high school, and she didn’t like to flaunt it, kids would still avoid hanging out with her.

    The star is aware of her imperfections. She confessed that the media had also been unkind to her, with negative reviews focusing on her appearance. Bialik also revealed to Long how she would be bullied for her looks during her childhood:

    “I was like teased routinely—I was like short for my age, my nose was big, my chin is pointy…”

    In 2017, the celebrity wrote the book “Girling Up: How to Be Strong, Smart, and Spectacular” where she spoke to teenagers, millennials, and adults about a positive body image and more. The actress noted how Hollywood has a lot of unconscious bias while still being “very strongly gendered.”

    Speaking further about body image, Bialik said she admired women like Amy Schumer, who publicly spoke out about being comfortable with their bodies’ imperfections. In her interview with “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit model Hunter McGrady, the actress told her she understood how some women loved showing off their stretch marks and cellulite but didn’t find it empowering.

    She didn’t feel ashamed but grew up in an era where beauty and attractiveness had a different standard. The celebrity even recalled seeing a woman who said she was empowered by transforming from a size 6 to a size 16.

    While she thought it was great that such women felt good about that, she didn’t have the same feelings about her body’s imperfections. The star knew she had to adjust to the new notion that things women used to be teased and hated for were now things they could flaunt.

    However, Bialik was lucky in her career not to be told that she needed to change anything despite only becoming curvaceous at the end of “Blossom.” The celebrity described herself as athletic and never really thought much about her body.

    Besides being an actress and author, Bialik’s other primary role is being a mother, with her ex-husband being a co-parent. Although she is great at acting, the star once said she is not keen on her offspring following in her career footsteps.

    When Did Mayim Bialik Become a Single Parent, and What Did She Say about Her Children Getting into Acting?
    In November 2012, Bialik shocked her fans when she released a statement revealing that she and her husband, Michael Stone, were divorcing. The holder of a PhD in Neuroscience said it was due to “irreconcilable differences.”

    Michael Stone and Mayim Bialik during NBC's 75th Anniversary in New York City on May 6, 2002 | Source: Getty Images

    The actress noted that the experience was incomprehensible, painful, and sad for their children, so they didn’t take it lightly. The former “Jeopardy!” host and Stone’s priority was to make the transition to “loving homes” as painless and smooth as possible. She shared how they believed their sons deserved parents committed to their health and growth and vowed to be okay.

    During her marriage to Stone, the celebrity welcomed sons Miles and Frederick. Speaking about the two boys in 2020, Bialik revealed how the duo had starred in some Shakespeare in their home school community, and they enjoyed it.

    Bialik also revealed that Miles is into acting, while his younger brother wants to be a policeman. Having a cop in the family was something the star didn’t mind much, but she revealed that if the two boys got into acting, she wouldn’t take them to auditions.

    The star shared how her dating history hadn’t been “fantastic,” but she is grateful for having had boyfriends who found her “beautiful.”

    Bialik also noted that Stone wouldn’t be on board, so she hilariously shared how the siblings needed to “get really creative.” Meanwhile, Bialik’s musical genes seemed to have rub off on her older son who inherited her talent for playing the piano.

    After her marriage with Stone concluded, Bialik dated other men, and although those relationships weren’t great, she is now in a secure relationship with a co-worker.

    Who Is Mayim Bialik’s Current Boyfriend?
    In 2022, Bialik noted how, at her current age, she is now having healthy relationships with others and herself. The actress thanked those bonds for the confidence she’s built and acknowledged how that is one of the beautiful things about being an adult.

    The star admitted, “I don’t have a fantastic dating history but I’m grateful that I’ve had partners that have really really found me beautiful.” She loved being seen emotionally, intellectually, and as beautiful as she found it empowering.

    The mother of two is now dating Jonathan Cohen, who is also her co-host in her podcast, “Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown.” Late in 2022, Cohen showed how close he and the actress are when he uploaded several Instagram pictures of them bonding.

    Cohen wrote in the post’s cryptic caption, “We are all many things at once. Know what I mean?” The podcast co-host, a single father, made funny facial poses alongside Bialik in the post.

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