Maddie Hayes from ‘Moonlighting’ Nimbly Uses Cane at 73: After ‘Deadly’ Cancer She Enjoys Grandma Life

    Former model and “Moonlighting” star Cybill Shepherd is in her 70s and uses a cane to walk.

    She stepped out of the spotlight to raise her three kids in the 90s and beat a “deadly” form of cancer for them later.

    Nowadays, Shepherd enjoys being a grandma to her two adorable little ones.

    Cybill Shepherd gained fame by modeling and became widely known for her role in the 1985 TV show “Moonlighting.” Her modeling career put Cybill on covers across the U.S. since she was 18, and by the time 1971 rolled around, she took advantage of her fame by jumping into a film career.

    Her career was skyrocketing. Not only was she now a successful model on countless coffee tables, but her presence also pervaded television. Yet, despite her fame, Cybill still lacked something in her life. The actress wanted a baby of her own.

    Cybill Shepherd in "Moonlighting," 1985 | Source: Getty Images

    Cybill’s first love, Peter Bogdanovich, had already had kids with his previous partner and refused to have another. After Cybill and Peter went their separate ways, the actress married and had her first child, Clementine Ford. Sadly, the marriage came to an abrupt end.

    Although Cybill panicked about what she saw as her imminent, painful demise, she also worried about her children.

    The actress tried marriage one more time after that. Cybill and her second husband had twins, Ariel Shepherd-Oppenheim and Zack Shepherd-Oppenheim. After her second marriage failed, the actress decided to put her career on hold while she raised her kids.

    Why Did Cybill’s Kids Almost Lose Her?
    At the age of 52, after finding tremendous commercial success with “Moonlighting” and raising three children, life threw Cybill a curve ball. The actress discovered a patch of rough, dry skin on her back that she described as a “scaly patch.”

    The actress was beside herself with joy after her grandson, Elijah Wilcox, was welcomed into the world.

    Cybill Shepherd at The Hollywood Palladium in Hollywood, California, United States, 2004 | Source: Getty Images

    The actress sought medical advice but was shocked to hear that the spot on her back was malignant melanoma — or skin cancer. The news of the “deadly” skin cancer debilitated Cybill, and she spent the next few months crying constantly and barely sleeping. She commented later:

    “It changes your life totally. I had a rare form of skin cancer called dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans. I was born with it on the back of my neck. I’ll be cancer free in January for three years.”

    Although Cybill panicked about what she saw as her imminent, painful demise, she also worried about her children. Her kids would have had to fend for themselves if she had died. Following the diagnosis and the initial shock, Cybill did everything she could to overcome the disease.

    How Does Cybill, Grandma of Two, Look and Live In Her 70s?
    After her brush with melanoma in the 2000s, Cybill has taken every precaution to ensure she doesn’t have to repeat the nerve-wracking experience. Since her cancer went into remission, she started covering herself up whenever she spent time in direct sunlight for long periods of time.

    The actress was recently seen walking her two dogs in Los Angeles, completely covered up and wearing sunglasses to protect her from UV rays. Although things are getting colder, Cybill’s mother, Patty Micci, shared that her daughter would often even don gloves to protect her from UV radiation after her cancer scare.

    Luckily, the actress has been cancer-free since around 2002. She has been looking after her health with renewed vigor after her daughter, Clementine, had her first baby in 2014. The actress was beside herself with joy after her grandson, Elijah Wilcox, was welcomed into the world.

    Although Clementine admitted to being slightly overwhelmed by life after having her son, she thankfully shared that her mother was one of her sources of wisdom and assistance. The oldest of Cybill’s kids said her mom often looked after Elijah when she needed a break, and Cybill even advised her on how to lose her baby weight.

    Cybill opened up about her growing family, saying she adores her grandkids, and she’s ecstatic to have two little ones, who she calls her “valentines.” Although the actress is 73 and walks with a cane, she still seemed fit and limber as she strutted with her dogs. Like actor Bruce Willis, she hopes to be around to see her grandkids grow up.

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