Ali MacGraw, the iconic star of “Love Story” and “The Getaway,” remains a timeless beauty at the age of 84. Despite her initial fears of turning 80, MacGraw has embraced the natural progression of aging with grace.

    In a recent revelation about her life, MacGraw shared that she now resides in a “tiny” cottage nestled in the mountains. The beloved Hollywood actress, known for her memorable roles in 70s classics, has also embraced the roles of a doting mother to one son and a loving grandmother, navigating through three heartbreaks in her lifetime.

    On a Thursday evening, the 84-year-old stepped out for dinner with companions at a Mexican restaurant, and the establishment was thrilled to host her. A photo of MacGraw and her friends was posted on the restaurant’s Facebook account, showcasing the actress with fully silver hair, radiating joy as she posed among her companions.

    Wearing a comfy navy long-sleeved shirt, beige pants, and eccentric metallic earrings that framed her beautiful makeup-free face, MacGraw exuded both comfort and style. Despite her ageless beauty, MacGraw acknowledged that she hadn’t always embraced the carefree spirit associated with aging.

    A few years ago, she expressed fears about turning 80, awakening in the middle of the night with the realization that the journey ahead was shorter than the one behind. This introspection led her to become more consciously aware of her mortality and the impact of her past experiences, shaping her into the person she is today.

    MacGraw emphasized the importance of confronting past mistakes and regrets, describing it as a journey through the fire to reach the other side. Refusing to harbor anger and pretending everything is wonderful for the sake of others, she recognized the necessity of work and concentration to bring about change.

    In her elder years, MacGraw credited the significant effort and focus she invested in gaining clarity, resulting in a happier senior life. Currently residing in Tesuque, a quaint village north of Santa Fe in New Mexico, MacGraw’s decision to move was influenced by environmental concerns, particularly global warming.

    The move followed the tragic loss of her Malibu home in a forest fire, prompting her to seek refuge in a region less prone to natural disasters. Despite initial attempts to find a smaller property near Malibu, MacGraw eventually found her home in Tesuque, where she lives in a tiny cottage surrounded by mountains.

    “I live in a little village north of Santa Fe, New Mexico, called Tesuque. I had helped a friend design her house there. I bought a tiny cottage there, which is where I still live in the mountains. I love my life.”

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