Little Brother and Sister Killed Together with Their ‘Great’ Dad on Their Way to Family Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving marks a time when individuals come together with family and friends to celebrate the warmth of love and unity. Setting aside their work and hectic schedules, people cherish the sacred and simple connections within their families, expressing gratitude for their blessings.

    The Muckleroys, like any family eagerly anticipating this joyous occasion, were excited about the prospect of being with their relatives for Thanksgiving. Little did they know what fate had in store for them and the significant life changes that would unfold afterward.

    A Heart-Wrenching Tragedy

    On the evening of Wednesday, November 22, 2023, Zach Muckleroy, an esteemed North Texas CEO, and his family were en route to Central Texas to partake in Thanksgiving celebrations with relatives when something unexpected came to pass.

    The post underscored Zach’s charisma, highlighting his ability to brighten any room and his philanthropic heart, which left enduring impressions on the Fort Worth community.

    Unfortunately, their lives were abruptly cut short in a devastating three-car collision in Blanco County near Johnson City along Highway 281. Following the heart-wrenching car crash, the Fort Worth community is mourning the loss of Mr. Zach and his two children: 12-year-old Judson and nine-year-old Lindsey.

    Investigative reports indicate that the three-vehicle collision claimed the lives of four out of the six individuals involved. The identity of the fourth victim remains undisclosed as of now.

    Zach’s wife, Lauren, emerged as the sole survivor of the tragic accident. She was flown to an Austin hospital in critical condition, marking the beginning of a challenging journey to recovery.

    Senior minister Russ Peterman, a close friend of the Muckleroy family and a voice of solace during the vigil held at the University Christian Church on November 24, provided updates on Lauren’s condition, sharing the gravity of her situation. “She’s aware that she lost her family. You can only imagine how hard that must be,” he reflected.

    Expressing the profound impact of the loss, Russ stated, “Zach was not only a member of the congregation but a friend as well. I love that family. Those kids are amazing. Lauren is a fighter.”

    Despite facing critical injuries, Lauren has demonstrated immense resilience. She underwent multiple surgeries and, at times, regained consciousness. Now out of the ICU, she embarks on both physical and emotional recovery with her twin sister, Melanie, steadfastly by her side.

    A Facebook post by Lauren’s cousin, Amanda McNutt Edwards, captured the profound impact of this loss on those who knew the Muckleroy family intimately. Amanda wrote, “To say Lauren is a fighter isn’t doing her justice. She is stronger than all of us and is the kindest and most generous person I have ever known.”

    Amanda also requested everyone to keep Lauren and her family in their prayers during this difficult time. She expressed, “All I ask of you now, are your prayers. Prayers for the 3 amazing human beings we lost, that they find peace. And prayers for Lauren, as she navigates through something most of us can’t ever imagine experiencing.”

    Fondly Remembered & Missed

    Zach, a notable figure and TCU alum with a history as a former Horned Frogs football player, assumed the role of CEO at Muckleroy and Falls Construction Company just three years ago.

    Recognized as a pillar of the community, his untimely departure is deeply felt by his family, friends, and colleagues. Former TCU Coach Gary Patterson extended condolences on social media, remembering Muckleroy as a “great Horn Frog, husband, dad and friend.”

    Muckleroy & Falls Construction Company, deeply affected by the tragedy, shared a poignant message on Facebook on November 23. The post underscored Zach’s charisma, highlighting his ability to brighten any room and his philanthropic heart, which left enduring impressions on the Fort Worth community.

    In acknowledging Zach’s passion for the construction industry and his soothing leadership, the company expressed the collective grief within the Muckleroy & Falls Family. The heartfelt post concluded with a poignant plea, stating, “He will be greatly missed. We ask that you keep his wife, Lauren, parents, Harold & Pat, siblings, Alyson & Steve Gasper, and David & Madison Muckleroy in your prayers.”

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