Legendary “Dynasty” star Joan Collins turns 90 and seems to be aging backward…

    Joan Collins is a certified legend regardless of whatever measuring stick you want to use.

    As she enters her 90s, it’s fair to say her most fabulous, flamboyant days are behind her, but that doesn’t mean she’s done having fun and showing everyone how confident she is in her own body.

    Many ‘new’ celebrities could learn a thing or two about elegance, poise, and how to conduct oneself from Joan Collins. What a life she has lived and still living, amazing woman!

    The English-born actress from Paddington, London, is probably most known for starring as Alexis Carrington Colby in the soap opera Dynasty.

    Dynasty made Joan an international superstar, and the series became the most popular show in the United States in 1984. Back then, she was earning $15,000 per episode. Around 21 million households watched her every week, waiting to see what her narcissistic and ruthless character would come up with.

    ”She was the first empowered woman on TV. And I got a lot of flack for it. She’s such a ballbreaker, she’s so bitchy, she’s such a vixen! You know, I was just standing up for myself as an independent woman!,” Joan told CBS in 2019.

    Incredibly, Collins is still actively working in the entertainment industry, some 70 years after her first on-screen appearance.

    As per Wikipedia, she was featured in two film-related projects in 2022, Tomorrow Morning and The Gentle Sex, while another project, In Bed with the Duchess is in filming.

    She’s also very active on social media.

    Last month was a decidedly cold one for large parts of the US – some areas experienced storms that brought unusually cold weather – but it was all heat where Joan Collins was concerned.

    As per reports, the iconic actress used the festive season as the ideal opportunity to share a photo of her herself practically sizzling alongside her 57-year-old husband, Percy Gibson.

    Christmas time is expected by many to be a period wherein families cozy around the fire and exchange presents as the cold winds blow outside beyond the window.

    Yet this Christmas, Joan Collins found herself veering away from the traditional. “Had a terrific #christmasday,” she informed her almost 300k followers on December 26.

    “82F in #beverlyhills so was able to #swim and then a wonderful #lunch at the Bricusse’s- thank you @adambricusse and Evie!”

    Many fans were quick to comment on Collins’s sleek leopard print swimsuit. Despite the fact she’s soon to turn 90, the actress looked positively radiant.

    Another photo featured her beside her husband Percy, to whom she’s been married since 2002.

    All told, Collins has tied the knot five times in total, firstly to actor Maxwell Reed – their union last four years – then to singer-songwriter Anthony Newley. Newley, she married businessman Ronald S. Kass, and after Kass came Swedish pop sensation Peter Holm.

    “I regret some my marriages – I did that too many times. I was stupid. Well, I don’t regret marrying Tony [Newley] because I have two wonderful children [Tara and Alexander] and marrying Ron [Kass], I had one beautiful daughter [Katy]. I sincerely regret marrying the Swede [Peter Holm],” Joan said last year.

    It is Percy with whom Collins says she has found the strongest bond. During the pandemic, she opened up on their relationship.

    “Being in lockdown has made me realize how strong our relationship really is,” she said. “I love entertaining guests at the villa, traveling and socializing, but that changed and because of the restrictions it’s just Percy and me. The great thing is we’re partners in crime, accomplices.”

    I don’t care what anyone says, Joan Collins is a legend and an icon, and she’s absolutely stunning for her age!

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