Kelly Clarkson’s Handsome Son Makes Rare Red Carpet Appearance & Steals Attention Looking ‘So Much Like’ Mom

    Music icon Kelly Clarkson recently graced the Grammy Awards with her presence and a charming young date. Fans shared their thoughts.


    Kelly Clarkson attended this year’s Grammy Awards with her son, Remington Alexander, as her date. The rare appearance of her little one on the red carpet didn’t go unnoticed, with fans quick to point out the uncanny resemblance between the two.

    Social media buzzed with endearing comments, encapsulating the sentiment in phrases like “he is your twin” and “he looks so much like her.” The adjective “handsome” was a recurring descriptor in fans’ affectionate reactions.


    Behind Remington’s delightful appearance lies a story of perseverance and triumph. Clarkson opened up about the challenges her son faced with a speech impediment rooted in a seemingly trivial ear problem in infancy. A buildup of wax deep within his ears had created a barrier to sound, leaving the young boy struggling to express himself as if “he spoke as if he was underwater.”

    The discovery of this issue led to a nearly nine-month setback in Remington’s speech development, according to Clarkson. Intensive work with a speech therapist, even via Zoom, became part of their routine. Clarkson celebrates every step forward, saying, “The big milestone for us is Remy getting to really find out his personality and his identity because it’s been frustrating for him not to be able to really vocalize his emotion.”

    Clarkson’s maternal instinct extends beyond speech therapy. She’s committed to ensuring her children’s emotional well-being, asking them nightly if they are happy before bedtime. This simple question opens the door to helping them navigate their “big feelings,” fostering a household where open communication is paramount.

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