John Schneider, better known as Bo Duke from “The Dukes of Hazzard,” is now a widower. His wife Alicia has tragically died at 53. Their hands were clasped together in her final moments.

    John Schneider, known as Bo Duke from “The Dukes of Hazzard,” announces his wife’s passing at 53.

    Now-widower found his love at 58 and married Alicia despite knowing she had only two more years to live.

    John Schneider, known for his role in “Dukes of Hazzard,” recently announced his wife’s death. Scheider became well known for his role as Bo Duke on the popular TV series and had a remarkable career in Hollywood.

    He went on to become a country singer and enjoyed success in this field, too. While his professional life flourished, he only married his wife, Alicia Allain, later on. The pair tied the knot in 2019.

    They remained together until Allain’s death this week. Schneider took to Facebook and shared a photo of Allain as well as a photo of their hands on their wedding day in 2019, showing off their rings.

    In the caption of the post, he announced that his wife had passed away. He urged fans and friends to send the family any photos they had of Allain. He then said everybody should hug their loved ones tightly.

    How Did Schneider Fall for Allain After Divorcing His Wife of 21 Years
    Before Schneider met and married Allain, he had been married for 21 years to a woman named Elly. He confessed he knew he would get a divorce but didn’t know when it would happen. When it did, Schneider admitted:

    “It knocked the wind out of me.”

    He mentioned he knew that it was not easy to be married to him because he was often away from home for extended periods. The couple had been living separately for three years before their breakup.

    The couple raised three children together during their two-decade relationship and wanted their divorce to be as amicable as possible. They wanted to prove that a divorced couple could be excellent parents to their children.

    After they were divorced for some time, their relationship improved dramatically, and they were able to become friends again. Schneider said their conversations got better, they laughed together again, and they were able to be the best they could be for their three shared children.

    John Schneider, wife Elly Castle, stepdaughter Leah Castle, son Chasen Schneider and daughter Karis Schneider attend the "Snow Day" Hollywood Premiere on January 29, 2000 at Paramount Theatre, Paramount Pictures Studios in Hollywood, California | Source: Getty Images

    Schneider said that getting divorced was, without a doubt, the right thing for them to do at the time. While Schneider knew he could not be married to the mother of his children, he had not given up on love.

    When he met Allain, he fell in love and soon began gushing about his new relationship in the media. He called her his girlfriend, and he smiled before saying they did everything together. He shared:

    “[Allain] believes in me more than I believe in me.”

    The pair were the perfect match, with Allain joining her husband’s John Schneider Studios and producing all the films her husband directed and wrote. She also became something of a manager for Schneider, booking his appearances and even treating him to his favorite junk food.

    However, the couple’s union almost didn’t happen because of a mishap with Schneider’s GPS. Allain had taken a hiatus from filmmaking, but when she returned to Hollywood, she offered to buy Schneider dinner to discuss a project.

    On the way to the dinner, Schneider became annoyed with his GPS and got lost. Allain helped him find his way, bought him dinner, and convinced him to partner with her on a production. A few months later, their partnership became romantic.

    Their love affair began on February 14, 2015, when the pair had a pizza together. From that day on, they celebrated every Valentine’s Day with a pizza. Talking about her husband, Allain said:

    “He’s obviously a very attractive man, very easy on the eyes. And he’s very smart; there was a mental banter with each other that was attractive.”

    They had not spent a day apart since they became romantically involved, and Schneider considered them “perfect” for one another. However, he knew they might not spend much more time together when he married her.

    How Did Schneider Marry Allain Knowing She Would Only Live Two More Years
    Seven months before Allain and Schneider tied the knot, Allain discovered she had breast cancer. Schneider said her first PET scan “lit up like a Christmas tree,” but they got her clear.

    He said they went through many phases, including not knowing what they were going to do, but Allain researched everything she could and found out what cancer didn’t like and what it did.

    They found that cancer didn’t like an accelerated heart rate, so they walked far more often. They also found that cancer thrived on sugar, so they stopped Allain from eating any sugar at all.

    In 2020, Allain said she was diagnosed with stage 4 HER2 negative cancer. Schneider then added:

    “She was three years into a five-year shelf life.”

    Allain revealed that the illness began manifesting on her skin, and it was a dermatologist who diagnosed her. They then began researching treatments that would aid her in pain management.

    Although Allain recently lost her battle, she and Schneider did everything they could while she was alive. He said: “We call ourselves the team to beat.” Schneider said he found his wife remarkable.

    When Allain was doing better for a short time, Schneider said she continued with her cancer treatments but saw them more as a maintenance program than anything else at that point in time.

    The couple had a few beautiful years together in which they found out what helped Allain and cut out anything that was no longer serving her. When Schneider announced his wife’s death, he was devastated.

    He mentioned that she was no longer in pain and could now rest in a way that she deserved after fighting for so long. Schneider fought alongside his wife every step of the way and never let her feel alone.

    Rest in peace, Alicia Allain.

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