Jimmy Carter’s doctor concerned after Rosalynn’s passing – “such a big loss for him”

    The family physician of former President Jimmy Carter, Dr. Michael Raines, has expressed deep concern over the passing of former first lady Rosalynn Carter, stating that it is a “big loss” for the former president.

    Dr. Raines, who has been involved in Jimmy’s healthcare, has now stressed that the health of the oldest living president is now the primary focus.

    Jimmy, facing various health challenges, has been through significant health scares, including a cancer diagnosis in 2015 and serious falls in 2019 that required him to undergo surgeries.

    Dr. Raines says that despite these struggles, the loss of Rosalynn, his wife of 77 years, will be the most significant challenge for Jimmy.

    “I’m sure he’ll try to work through this, but it’s such a big loss for him,” he stated, per WALB.

    The doctor continued by explaining he was concerned about Jimmy’s motivation for life during his time in hospice care without Rosalynn. In fact, Dr. Raines acknowledges that the couple had a strong dependency on each other, not just in love but in their relationship and friendship.

    “Sometimes people that had been married for a long period of time, and they have a very strong dependency on each other, not only in love but in relationship and friendship when one of them passes away it’s not long until the other one goes,” he admitted.

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