Jennifer Garner Hangs Out with Rarely-Seen Daughter Seraphina, 14, Who Is Nearly as Tall as Her Mom

    Jennifer Garner was recently seen out and about with her daughter Seraphina Affleck and son Samuel Affleck.

    Seraphina is almost as tall as her mother in new photos.

    Seraphina has also been publicly seen with her stepsister, Emme.

    Jennifer Garner recently stepped out with her daughter, Seraphina, and son, Samuel Affleck, whom she shares with Ben Affleck.

    The Golden Globe Award-winning actress welcomed three kids with her former husband, whom she was married to from 2005 until 2018.

    Violet Affleck, Ben Affleck and Seraphina Affleck at Brentwood Farmers Market on October 16, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. | Source: Getty Images

    Jennifer and Ben are parents to daughters Violet and Seraphina and their only son, Samuel. Seraphina is the former couple’s middle child. She was born in January 2009 and was named Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck at birth.

    Jennifer’s rep explained what her daughter’s name means, saying, “Seraphina comes from the Hebrew word seraphim, the name of an order of winged angels — the highest angels in heaven — and is also a saint’s name.”

    Jennifer Garner and Seraphina Affleck on December 13, 2013 in Los Angeles, California | Source: Getty Images

    Seraphina is now 14 years old, and her mom has talked about her in interviews. In September 2018, Jennifer revealed on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” that her then-year-old daughter Seraphina was amazed by her life as a star.

    The conversation came after the “Yes Day” star received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in August of that year and had all her family members at the ceremony.

    Jennifer said Seraphina had not realized how famous she was until that point. However, the youngster said she still appreciates their “boring life” and was glad to witness that side of her mom’s life.

    Jennifer appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” again in September 2019 and talked about what kind of parent she is. The Emmy Award nominee divulged she often says no to her children when they want something, adding they even have nicknames for her.

    TV host Jimmy Fallon pulled out a note from Seraphina addressed to her famous mother, which read: “When I grow up, I want to be a fun-killing mom, just like you!” The mom of three had previously posted the note on her Instagram and captioned the post, “Is this a nine-year-old burn? Or the ultimate compliment?”

    When she is not making fun of her mom, Seraphina also spends time with her friend and stepsister Emme, one of Jennifer Lopez’s twins. In May 2023, Jennifer took Seraphina and Emme to Disneyland, where they were spotted enjoying several rides. The movie star also took a photo of the girls during the outing.

    Emme Muniz and Seraphina Affleck seen leaving the "Into the Woods" Broadway musical at St. James Theatre on August 14, 2022 in New York City | Source: Getty Images

    Emme and Seraphina have been pictured together numerous times in public. The pair even share similar fashion choices and both sport short hair. Emme is only a year younger than her stepsister.

    Seraphina Has Been Seen Out With Her Brother
    Aside from being photographed with Emme, Seraphina has recently been spotted in public with her mom. The two were seen laughing over the weekend in the streets of Santa Monica, wearing casual outfits.

    Seraphina has also spent quality time together with her brother, Samuel, and their mother. While Samuel is still young and smaller than her, Seraphina is almost taller than Garner.

    Fans were delighted to see how happy the family was when they spent time together. “The smile says it all,” commented one fan.

    Someone else penned, “All of her kids are adorable.” “I love that she’s so down to earth,” said another Facebook user. While one Instagram user stated, “She always looks so present and joyful with her children, what a great mama.”

    What Is Samuel’s Personality?
    Although Garner and Affleck’s children enjoy a private life, Garner spoke to Ellen DeGeneres eleven years ago about her son’s personality.

    Samuel was only seven months old then, but Garner described him as “chill and mellow.” She also said he was a happy baby and was a sweet child. Since that interview, Garner has not spoken about her son’s personality publicly.

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