“I Love Lucy” stars Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz’s seemingly perfect 20-year marriage was, in reality, far from that.

    Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz’s daughter Lucie Arnaz, known as Kim Carter from “Here’s Lucy,” looks fabulous with short silver hair in her 70s in family photos.

    Lucie has lived with her husband of 42 years in a small town since their five kids growed-up.

    The actress shared the truth about her iconic parents’ “horrible” divorce, which was their best decision.

    Many remember Lucille Ball as the lovable face of “I Love Lucy,” in which she starred alongside her real-life husband, Desi Arnaz. The couple shot to fame and became one of the world’s most-beloved sitcom families.

    The couple experienced enormous success in their careers and made time to start their own family. Together they welcomed a son and a daughter. Their daughter lives a much quieter life after moving out of Hollywood.

    A portrait of Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball circa 1960 | Source: Getty Images

    Desie and Lucille met in 1940 when they were cast on the stage show “Too Many Girls,” The pair instantly fell in love. In November of 1940, the couple ran away to get married and went on to star in “I Love Lucy” together. The show ran from 1951 to 1957 and enjoyed some spinoffs.

    The couple, who eloped six months after the first meeting, had what seemed like the perfect relationship. Yet their marriage was fraught with issues, and they ended their marriage in divorce 20 years after they tied the knot.

    The couple’s children, Lucie and Desi Jr., were seven and nine. Their children recall the divorce as a messy and disruptive time in their lives but said their parents remained close even after they had called it quits.

    Lucille and Desi’s daughter, Lucie, revealed that her parents constantly fought and that there was alcoholism involved, but confirmed that none of the family ever faced any abuse, even in the most challenging times. Lucie explained:

    “They just knew that it wasn’t working for them to stay married, and that was sad. But once they decided to stop, everything got much easier for everybody.”

    While Lucie and Desi Jr. did not necessarily do anything to gain fame (they became famous because of their parents’ enormous fame), they both went on to have a career in Hollywood in some capacity.

    When Lucie was just 11 years old, she starred in “The Lucy Show” and “Here’s Lucy” a little later. Both the shows were spinoffs of her parents’ performance, and fans loved seeing the young woman onscreen.

    In 2021, a movie called “Being the Ricardos” burst onto the film scene and showed what it was like for the family to live in the shadow of “I Love Lucy” for many years. Lucie let the producers and directors know that her mother was difficult, and they should portray her as such.

    Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz Jr., Lucie Arnaz, and Gale Gordon on "Here's Lucy" in 1969 | Source: Getty Images

    Lucie was not afraid to show the world what it had been like to grow up with a mother who was one of the world’s most famous actresses, from the highest highs to the lowest lows. The movie commemorated the life of Ball, which ended in 1989 due to an abdominal aortic aneurysm. Arnaz passed due to lung cancer in 1986.

    How Did Lucie Marry, Become A Mom of Five, and Move to A Small Town?
    Lucie is now married to Laurence Luckinbill, and the pair moved to Palm Springs to enjoy a quieter life. The couple married in 1980 and welcomed three children named Simon, Joseph, and Katharine.

    Laurence also had two children from a previous marriage named Nicholas and Benjamin, who Lucie embraced with open arms. The family lived together in Palm Springs until the children were old enough to make their way in life. Lucie says her children are the thing she is most proud of.

    The couple lives in Weston in a smaller home because all their children have moved out, and they have become tired of maintaining their more prominent home. The house sits on just over two acres and boasts three and a half bathrooms.

    While Laurence, a writer, converted the workshop on the property into an office where he could focus on his writing, the main bedroom features a walk-out balcony from which you can see the entire backyard.

    The home also has a generator, wine cellar, fully-finished basement, media center, spa, three fireplaces, and a pool. However, the feature the couple enjoys most is the location on its quiet cul-de-sac.

    Talking about how his wife had made their house feel like a home after they moved in, Laurence said:

    “She has such good taste and [knows] how to decorate.”

    Lucie Arnaz and Laurence Luckinbill at the CBS at 75 at Hammerstein Ballroom in 2003 | Source: Getty Images

    The couple now enjoys a much simpler life and are glad to be out of the hustle and bustle of Hollywood. They spend their time relaxing in their home, which Lucie has lovingly turned into a sanctuary.

    How Does Lucie Look and Live in Her 70s?
    Lucie and Laurence, who she calls “Larry,” are also proud grandparents. Lucie often shares photos of her grandchildren on social media and talks about how much she loves and cherishes spending time with them.

    In 2020, Lucie posted a photo of herself holding her laughing granddaughter. She introduced her granddaughter as Eliza Grace Luckinbill. She described her granddaughter as a “little pink bundle of pure joy.”

    Lucie has also shared occasions when she and Laurence spend time with their grown-up children. In 2023’s Easter, Lucie shared photos of the family’s celebrations on Facebook, saying that she, her husband, her daughter, her stepson, and her grandson had spent the day in the desert.

    Lucie showed photos of herself and her husband, as well as a photo of her husband and his son. She mentioned they were all blessed and happy, but her thoughts were with the families who weren’t as fortunate.

    Many fans commented that they looked fabulous, and most were confident that Lucie’s mother and father would have been incredibly proud of her for everything she had achieved since their deaths.

    One fan said Lucie and Laurence were a “match made in heaven” and that they were blessed to spend holidays with their children. Lucie posted the same photo on Instagram, and fans again complimented her. One gushed:

    “Feel good vibes radiate off you two as a couple.”

    Others said she looked fabulous for her age and sent her and her family good wishes on the holidays. Lucie and Laurence have built a wonderful, close family, and we wish them nothing but happiness.

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