Great-grandchild fulfills 100-year-old’s last wish – to be sung to sleep on her deathbed

    The pain of losing a family member is heartbreaking, and most would do anything to make their passing a little easier. This family made sure to grant their beloved great-grandmother’s last few wishes before she passed on.

    Keep reading to know more about this beautiful moment.

    Regardless of age and situation, the pain is immense when the person you hold dear is suddenly no longer with you.

    The only thing you can do then is to try to give the person as beautiful a farewell as possible.

    Ethan Beckton’s great-grandmother lay on her death bed and had a final wish she hoped he would fulfill: to have him sing her to sleep. The young man entered her hospital room, ready to play the guitar, and sang to her as requested. What he played would move anyone to tears.

    The grandson sang a final song. Ethan has been involved in music, came and ensured he fulfilled his dying great-grandmother’s last wish.

    He sat down with his guitar beside her and began to play. An incredibly beautiful moment that was fortunately also captured on film.

    He began strumming the cords for Eric Clapton’s “Tears in Heaven.” He sang his beloved great-grandmother to sleep. “Must have made her so proud,” a person wrote in the comments on the video that Ethan posted to TikTok. A lot of people expressed how incredibly moved they were by it.

    “It must have been so hard for you to do, but you sang so beautifully. I truly sympathize with your grief,” one wrote.

    “This is so special. What a beautiful memory you now have to carry with you,” another commented.

    “Your great-grandmother must have thought you are the best singer ever. This must have made her so proud,” one user said,

    Ethan wrote in the caption of the video, “Her last wish was for me to sing to her before she died. I love you forever.”

    You can watch the beautiful video here.


    What a heart-touching moment shared between a great-grandmother and her great-grandson. We are sending Ethan our best wishes as he grieves his loss. Share this article with others so they can enjoy this tender moment, too.

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