Geena Davis finally became a mom at 46, ex-husband Jeff Goldblum refused to start a family with her

    Actress Geena Davis is a well known name in almost every household because of some of her iconic performances. In her personal life however, the actress has had her fair share of struggles.

    Geena Davis always wanted to be a mom, but life had other plans for her…

    Geena Davis is now 66 years old, and is still thriving and living and enjoying life to the fullest. She has had a successful Hollywood career and is now opening up about her personal life.

    The actress has been married thrice in her life. Her first marriage was to Richard Emmolo, not much is known about him. Her second marriage was to fellow actor Jeff Goldblum in 1987 and lastef for four years. Her third marriage was to Finnish director Renny Harlin and last for five years, ending in 1998. Even though she was madly in love with all her husbands, Davis never had any children from any of her unions.

    Later on Goldblum it was revealed that Goldblum’s reluctance to have children with her, might have been the reason the couple split up. A GQ interview from 1989 showed the tension between the couple. She said in the interview, “Jeff has this idea that when we agree on a name, I’ll instantly get pregnant. But you should hear the names he comes up with: Sophie, Jasper, Fuji.”

    By the time of her third divorce, Geena Davis was already well into her 40s. And while most women are done having children by that age, this is the decade where Geena even began building a family.

    She had her daughter Alizeh when she was 46 years old and gave birth to her twin sons, Kaiis and Kian at age 48.

    She talked about becoming a mother later on in her life, “I’m just really grateful that I had children in my 40s. And I wanted to wait, hoping that I could still have kids but I thought I’ll be more evolved the later – longer that I wait because I did have a sense that I wasn’t – that I didn’t have a lot of self-esteem, I guess is what you’d call it, but I was really determined that my kids would have self-esteem.”

    In her new memoir Dying of Politeness, she has made some major revelations. She refers to her parents in the book, saying much like other residents of New England, her parents were also “insanely polite.”

    She said, “It’s not just polite but the best thing you can do is have no needs – don’t need anything from anybody else – no, no, no, thank you, you know. And don’t mind me, I’m deserving or whatever.” This behavior is what made her pause and reconsider having children till she had matured.

    And in the long run, she really values her decision to wait till she was older and more mature before deciding to have children.

    “I always felt lucky that I had my kids late, because I just feel like I changed so much. I always knew I wanted kids, but what I was doing waiting that long, I don’t know. I never tried before, in other words. But it’s been great. And twins are fun!” she said

    So who was the man who managed to make a mother out of Geena Davis. It was Reza Jerrahy, one of the most well respected craniofacial surgeons in Southern California.

    The couple wed in 2001 and in 2017, they seperated and in 2018 filed for divorce. Davis argued during the divorce proceedings that their marriage had not been legal since they never applied or obtained a marriage license and only had a ‘ceremony.’ While her ex-husband contested that the ceremony was performed by his father, who was a recognized officiant under Islamic law.

    Geena Davis took her sweet time to become a mother but surely, she made the right call to work on herself before taking the plunge into motherhood.

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