Former child star Erin Murphy, who portrayed the charming Tabitha on “Bewitched,” has only positive things to say about growing up in front of the camera.

    Former child prodigy Erin Murphy won Americans over by portraying young Tabitha Stephens in the popular TV show “Bewitched.” She only has positive things to say about growing up in front of the camera and has found a greater purpose in life.

    One-time child actress Erin Murphy was born in June 1964, along with her fraternal twin sister, Diane Murphy. Erin joined the cast of the sitcom “Bewitched” and portrayed Tabitha Stephens.

    She appeared in 103 episodes before the series ended in 1972. Erin shared her role with her sibling, Diane, for 18 episodes in the first season.

    However, as their appearances started to differ, only Erin remained on the show. In how the sisters ended up on the series, producers were auditioning twins for the role because of child law which restricted the amount of time a minor could be on set.

    After the siblings bagged the role, Erin was the only one who showed love for lights. She featured for all the closeups and big scenes and Diane for the long shots and cutaways. Erin admitted how she always had a fascination for lights:

    “I liked the lights and loved being on my set. My sister used to cry when they would bring her on set. Even now, she hates it.”


    Actress Erin Murphy as young Tabitha Stephens during Season 8 of the TV show, "Bewitched," in 1971. / Source: Getty Images

    Despite having a good run on “Bewitched,” Erin transitioned smoothly from her Hollywood career and did not find any difficulty doing that. Even though she continued acting after the classic TV show, the Los Angeles native turned down offers in between.

    Noting that experience, Erin told Closer Weekly in February 2020 that she walked away from Hollywood before being kicked out of showbusiness. She had an effortless adaptation because, as a child star, she had always been confident and had a strong sense of self.

    Erin did not need approval from others, even though she had always gotten it. She was able to say no to other jobs but managed to do what she wanted to do occasionally to have fun:

    “I was offered jobs right after ‘Bewitched,’ and I turned them down. I went to Girl Scout camp instead of doing a part on ‘The Waltons.’ So, I walked away from the business.”

    She and her family moved to Orange County, and she continued to travel to and fro to LA, where there were guaranteed jobs available. However, Erin mentioned that she stopped doing straining auditions where she would be seated next to a hundred other kids who looked like her were being rejected.

    In sharing her entire experience, the “Life Uninterrupted” star noted that she did and continues to view her life in a positive light. She is well-traveled and has owned a home on the beach in Malibu and stated:

    “I’ve had so many great opportunities and actually know people like Carol Burnett. I’ve just had amazing life experiences only because I was a kid actor. For me, there are so many more positives than negatives.”

    Although Erin has been away from the limelight for a while, she still has fond memories of the people she worked with on “Bewitched.” In an interview with FOX411 in April 2016, she openly talked about growing up on camera.

    Erin shared she had a wonderful time working on the show and that it was fun for her. Those around her ensured that she had fun, having animals around, such as elephants and monkeys.

    One of her fondest memories is the relationships she had with her co-stars. After spending many years together, Erin said the cast became like family to her and treated her as such.

    When asked about her favorite episodes, she mentioned anytime Tabitha had to go to school or go into a storybook, which was entertaining because she would have someone to play with.

    Before her stint on the series, the television starlet starred in “Lassie” (1973), and after the show, she appeared in 1979’s “Deadly Fighters.”

    At age 21, the blonde beauty wed her first husband, Terry Rogers, in 1984 while raising her first child. The couple lived on a ranch in Arizona, where she taught acting.

    Erin also got contacted anytime there were film gigs in town and began taking jobs in production and makeup. One time, she even worked as a stunt and photo double for actress Virginia Madsen and Academy Award winner Melissa Leo.

    When her marriage to Rogers ended in 1989 after five years, Erin married three more times. In 1993, she wed Eric Eden but the pair divorced in 1998 after five years of marriage.

    The third time was a charm for Erin, who married Darren Dunckel in May 1998, and the couple is still married to date. When she relocated to LA, she actively returned to showbiz, doing every job relating to the entertainment industry, and did not stop working.

    Erin hosted reality shows, served as a celebrity judge, did product endorsements, and even appeared on infomercials. She told FOX411 that she preferred being productive and expressed her love for show business.

    Erin Murphy and her husband Darren Dunckel during Oxygen's "The World According To Paris" premiere party at Tropicana Bar at The Hollywood Rooselvelt Hotel on May 17, 2011 in Hollywood, California. / Source: Getty Images

    Erin hinted at her keenness to return to acting and stated she had always told herself she would make a comeback and take it more seriously. She did a lot of theater in LA and some TV projects and gave credit to her stint on “Bewitched,” revealing people were welcoming of her.

    The “The Comeback Kids” star even purchased her dream car, a Tesla, including a dream house on a beach. Though she showed an interest in working full time, Erin mentioned that taking some time off would still be a priority to enjoy her life.

    In addition to achieving her dreams, she also owns two successful businesses. The TV star is the owner of Erin Murphy Knits, where she sells alpaca knitwear that she made herself, and her recent venture, Slim Chillers, frozen vodka martini ice pops sold in nearly every state.

    Apart from her work life, Erin has her hands full as a mother of six children. “I have six boys. It’s really, really fun. It’s a lot of fun. It’s a crazy but fun lifestyle,” she said of motherhood.

    When asked why she had so many kids, Erin explained that she only has one sister and always grew up thinking “The Brady Bunch” was an epic show, so she constantly desired to have a big family.

    “But ideally, I always wanted one boy and one girl, so maybe if I’d had a girl in there, I might have stopped at three or sooner, but I wouldn’t change a thing,” she stated.

    Erin is committed to parenthood and told Closer Weekly in 2020 that she had three more years until her youngest son graduates from high school.

    The proud mom revealed that she has one child with autism who needs extra care, which takes up her time. “But I will always love acting, and I may get an agent again,” said Erin.

    Asked if any of her brood showed an interest in following her footsteps, she said no. Erin mentioned that if one of them were interested, she would gladly encourage, help, and guide them in their journey while noting that every parent should support their children in whatever path they choose.

    Erin Murphy with her son Parker at the CURE Autism Now 4th Annual Walk Now at the Rose Bowl on April 22, 2006 in Pasadena, California. / Source: Getty Images

    Erin also juggles her life by working with many charities and has done so her whole life. But she became involved way before she had her autistic son Parker, and when he got diagnosed, she put more effort into the cause.

    She attends board meetings, volunteers, and speaks at events. Erin believes in the importance of being supportive of other parents who have questions about the condition because autism has become one of those disorders that are now common.

    She believes in giving back and is fortunate enough to have the life that she has and all the experiences that she has had. Erin said she used her platform to create awareness of critical societal issues.

    As a parent, she feels it is an obligation to show her children that way of life, patting herself on the back for raising kids who have a positive outlook on life and possess her philosophy, choosing whether to cry or laugh.

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