‘FANTASTIC Body’: Jennifer Aniston’s 1st Nude Scene in Almost 20 Years at 54 Leaves Public in Awe

    Iconic Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston brought the heat in her first nude scene in almost 20 years.

    Many who saw the episode praised the 54-year-old’s “fantastic” body.

    In previous interviews, Jennifer Aniston has discussed her health and fitness journey that helps maintain her physique.

    Jennifer Aniston at the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, California on January 5, 2020 | Source: Getty Images

    Legendary Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston, 54, has long been revered for her fit physique. In the past, many have asked the star how she managed to maintain her fantastic body as the years went on, and her secret was remaining dedicated and committed to putting in the work necessary when she worked out.

    Jennifer was so dedicated when working out that sometimes she would get up before sunrise to do hour-long, high-intensity workout sessions involving boot camp exercises, cardio, and running. According to a news outlet, she would also push herself during her yoga sessions to the point where she would leave distinctive sweat imprints on her yoga mat.

    However, in recent years, specifically, once she reached her 50s, Jennifer expressed that she has been more conscious of her body’s limits. Of her decision to slow down and decrease the amount of pressure she used to put on herself, the actress shared:

    “I can do 20 minutes and get as good of a workout as if I work for an entire hour. We think we have to work out for a solid hour and that can be a bit intimidating.”

    Jennifer Aniston at the premiere of "Murder Mystery 2" in Los Angeles, California on March 28, 2023 | Source: Getty Images

    The “Friends” star explained how she burned out and endured physical injuries due to pushing herself too hard in the past. Since ditching her harmful workout routine, Jennifer has found that low-intensity workouts are vital to maintaining her figure, and she loves doing so with friends while blasting Lizzo or Rihanna.

    Though she admits that it’s sometimes hard to stick to her new regimen, the actress knows she is better for maintaining low-intensive workouts with her being so used to the intensive ones. Jennifer disclosed the following about how the change has worked out for her:

    “I have incredible results, if not better than anything I’ve ever done before without the aches and injuries…I don’t weigh myself…”

    Since ditching her obsessive nature when working out, Jennifer has never looked and felt better, and now, at 54, the star recently showed off her incredible body in a racy nude scene from her series “The Morning Show.” Jennifer bared it all in the steamy, intimate scene with her co-star Jon Hamm.

    The scene shows Jennifer and John’s characters, Alex and Paul, conducting an interview at Paul’s mansion. Tensions rise and sparks fly, resulting in the two ending up in bed together.

    This episode marked the first time that Jennifer’s fans saw her this way since her first nude scene in the 2006 movie “The Break Up.” A media outlet sat down with the show’s director, Mimi Leder, to discuss the episode and concerning the raunchy scene; she explained:

    “It was a closed set, and two very grown-up actors who really understood the nature of storytelling and were very much a part of it. We wanted it to be sensitive. We wanted it to be sexy.”

    And sexy it sure was, according to Jennifer’s fans, who showered the star with compliments for looking incredible. A particularly excited fan gushed:

    “…shes clearly got a FANTASTIC body.”

    Many others praised the star for being bold enough to show off her incredible physique and said there is absolutely nothing wrong with one flaunting what they have.

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