Everyone’s favorite Chuck Norris is 82: here’s what he looks like and what he does


    On March 10, the popular actor and martial artist celebrated his 82nd birthday.

    Recently, he has been a rare guest on TV screens, and little is heard about him.

    Our hero has about forty films on his account, of which the viewers especially remember “The Way of the Dragon” and the TV series “Walker, Texas Ranger”, where he starred in more than 200 episodes and strengthened his status as the coolest person. on the planet.

    One of his latest works is the film “The” (2012), in which he had a cameo role. And before that, he did not appear on the screens for almost seven years.

    But Chuck is not idle. He actively participates in charity and missionary conferences, but devotes most of his time to his beloved wife Gina O’Kelly.

    By the way, in many sources you can find information about why he left the film career, but it was probably influenced by several factors, as well as age.

    Sometimes Chuck Norris participates in advertising projects and presents certain products on his pages on social networks.

    The actor also lost physical fitness due to a heart attack and was forced to give up hard work. But in public, he always appears in a cheerful and cheerful mood.

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