Eva Longoria Welcomed Her ‘Amazing Baby’ at 43 — She Calls Him a ‘Gift’, While Baby Boy Already Corrects Actress’ Spanish

    Eva Longoria, the talented actress known for her roles on shows like “Desperate Housewives” and her advocacy for education, is a loving mother. The actress does everything possible to make the world a better place.

    The hands-on mom, who wears other hats, such as a wife, an actor, a director, a producer, a philanthropist, and an activist, strives to be a good mother to her kid. She opened up about her motherhood journey.

    Longoria’s Journey to Motherhood

    Longoria welcomed her son, Santiago Enrique Baston, with her husband, Jose Baston. She introduced Santiago to the world on June 21, 2018, with a heartwarming photo on social media. In the post, she expressed her gratitude for the warm wishes she received.

    She used the opportunity to raise awareness about families separated at the border, emphasizing the importance of keeping families together. Nearly two months after Santiago’s birth, Longoria returned to work with the challenges of balancing motherhood and her career.

    She openly shared her emotional journey, acknowledging her special bond with her baby. Longoria marveled at how incredible her baby boy was, calling him a dream and a good baby. Before Santiago was born, she spoke about how her body had changed during pregnancy on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

    The actress hilariously said that sometimes she forgot she was pregnant and only realized so when she couldn’t get out of her bed quickly. Still, she noted that her husband and their entire family were super excited about her pregnancy and were awaiting his birth.

    In her comedy, “Dog Days,” Longoria’s portrayal of a prospective mother held a unique connection to her real-life experience. She filmed the movie while expecting Santiago, and she admitted that it was an exciting and fun journey, given her pregnancy.

    During the interview, Longoria couldn’t help but marvel at his endearing habits and heartwarming quirks. She described everything he did as cute and even shared that he was already finding his voice and loved to communicate.

    Longoria embraced her newfound role as a mom with enthusiasm when Santiago arrived, and it even transformed her career. She opened up about these changes during the premiere of “Dora and the Lost City of Gold” in 2019. The actress shared with Access how becoming a mom to her first child profoundly transformed her life:

    “It’s just such a gift and blessing, and it’s so much fun. And I am lucky that I have an amazing baby to take this journey with me. I’m so excited that I am finally in a movie that he can see.”

    The proud mother admitted that she is fully immersed in “mommy mode” throughout the day, caring for Santi. Longoria also discussed the challenges of relating parenthood with her role in “Dora and the Lost City of Gold.”

    The movie star emphasized that she would never permit her child to engage in any of the risky activities depicted in the movie. Longoria has also playfully brushed off the idea of giving Santiago a sibling when she was asked about possibly having another baby in the future. She added that it was too soon to tell.

    Why Eva Longoria Is a “Sad Mexican Mother”

    In a recent interview on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” in June 2023, Longoria humorously shared how her four-year-old son, Santiago, corrected her Spanish. His first language is Spanish, and he gets frustrated with his mother’s poor command of the language.

    But despite his outstanding Spanish skills, Santiago doesn’t like spicy food, making Longoria playfully dub herself a “sad Mexican mother.” Longoria’s journey as a mother is filled with joy, love, and memorable moments. She described the feeling of being on “Cloud Nine” and how returning to work was both exciting and challenging.
    Longoria recently shared a heartwarming Halloween moment featuring her son, Santiago Enrique Baston. The photo posted on Instagram showcased young Santiago’s creativity and drew immense admiration from fans. The little boy left fans in awe as they remarked on his striking resemblance to his famous mother.
    Santiago’s Halloween Costume

    The doting mom shared a delightful photo of Santiago’s unique Halloween costume. Little Santiago couldn’t decide between two costume ideas, so he brilliantly combined his favorites. With half Chip from “Beauty and the Beast” and half of a ferocious dinosaur, Santiago’s costume showcased his creativity. Longoria playfully captioned the photo:

    “Santi couldn’t decide what he wanted to be, so he did both! Happy Halloween ??.”

    The photo quickly became a fan favorite, with followers filling the comment section with compliments and notes about how much Santiago resembled his famous mother. One fan wrote, “He looks so much like you,” while another one said, “Yur (sic) adorable twin.”

    The comments continued to pour in, with another fan stating, “He’s so cute and he looks like you,” and yet another one agreeing, “He looks exactly like you.” The online community’s unanimous agreement on Santiago’s resemblance to Longoria vividly depicts the undeniable connection between mother and son.

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