Dawn Lyn, who played little Dodie in “My Three Sons,” is talking after a coma!

    Dawn Lyn, who played Dodie in “My Three Sons,” was in a coma after brain surgery.

    Tina Cole visited her at the neurological rehab while the actress was unconscious.

    After four months of silence, Tina Cole revealed that a “miracle” had happened.

    Dawn Lyn launched her acting career early in life with her part in the series “My Three Sons.” She starred as Dorothy ‘Dodie’ Harper-Douglas in the show from 1969 to 1972, having started acting as a little girl. Sadly, in 2022, it was announced that Lyn had gone into a coma after having brain surgery.

    Lyn’s biological brother, Leif Garret, opened up about the surgery, saying his sister tried to keep it quiet after losing their parents and a cousin. Following the tragic news of Lyn passing into a come, however, the news spread rapidly around social media, with Lyn’s former co-stars asking the public for their support.

    Dawn Lyn in "My Three Sons," 1970 | Source: Getty Images

    Since news broke about Lyn being in a coma, the actress has made great strides toward recovery. Her co-stars, Stanley Livingstone and Tina Cole, kept fans up-to-date while Lyn spent her time on life support. They constantly tweeted about her health journey, staying in touch with Lyn’s husband, John Reese.

    When Livingstone and Cole found out about Lyn’s brain surgery and the consequent coma, they each took to social media to show their support for their friend. Livingstone mentioned his “little TV sis” was fighting for her life, calling it “devastating news” and sending Reese his regards. Cole also asked for support, writing:

    “My heartfelt prayers go out to my ‘My Three Sons’ sweet ‘lil’ sis’, Dawn Lyn (Dodie), and her husband, Reese. Dawn is fighting for her life after undergoing brain surgery. Please keep her in your prayers as well. Tina.”

    Fred MacMurray, Dawn Lyn, Beverly Garland in "My Three Sons," 1969 | Source: Getty Images

    Besides rallying an army of supportive fans behind Lyn, Tina also spent time by her bedside. The actress shared that she went to see Lyn in the hospital, clutching her hand and talking to her even though she was unconscious. Reese kept Tina in the loop the entire time, finally sharing good news by the end of 2022.

    Tina Cole Shares Dawn Lyn’s State of Health: “Miracles Do Happen”
    Almost 50 years after Cole and Lyn worked together, the two remain close. Cole stopped by her hospital bed after her friend had already opened her eyes and started breathing from her oxygen supply on her own. She was ecstatic to see the progress Lyn had made, but her friend still couldn’t respond.

    In 2023, Cole finally received the fantastic news she had been hoping for the four months Lyn was in the hospital. A surprise call from Lyn’s number caught Cole off-guard at her grandson’s indoor soccer game. When Cole heard her friend’s voice, she asked, “Dawn, is that really you?” Lyn replied, “Yes, it’s really me.” Cole commented:

    “The tears just came. I was in shock. And it was just so wonderful. I couldn’t believe it … So to hear her voice was just thrilling … And they’re very hopeful that she’ll be home by Easter. Isn’t that great? Miracles do happen.”

    The news broke soon after Cole found out, and she shared it on her Facebook page. Fans were overjoyed to hear their prayers had born fruit and took to social media to show their joy. One user commented on Cole’s post, writing, “So great to hear. And so great they are still in touch after all these years.”

    These days, Lyn is recovering with her beloved husband, Reese.
    Another user commented on Cole’s post, thanking her for keeping her in the loop, “My prayers go with Dawn, what a miracle from God Tina!! Thank you for sharing this wonderful story of a little girl from my childhood!!!” One user emphatically wrote, “I’m so happy to learn this…wonderful new[s]!”

    Cole thanked the public for their continued support. She also mentioned that Reese, Lyn’s husband, was grateful for all the kind messages and “positive feedback.” Cole noted that she believed the slew of prayers from adoring fans made all the difference, declaring, “I’m a big believer in the strength of prayer.”

    Dawn Lyn Was Happy with Her Husband of 17 Years before Coma
    Although Lyn’s brother tried to keep the news of her surgery quiet, he was thankful for the messages of kindness and all the prayers. He made a statement when news of her condition first broke, saying, “Please just keep my sister in your thoughts and prayers and respect our family’s privacy. Thank you.”

    While Lyn and Reese have been together for years, Reese isn’t the first man the actress has been married to.
    These days, Lyn is recovering with her beloved husband, Reese. The pair have been happily married since 2006. Shortly after they tied the knot, Lyn and Reese packed their things and moved to Hawaii after Reese was transferred for his job. The two settled in happily on the island, riding their motorcycles and hiking.

    Fred MacMurray, Beverly Garland, Extras, Dawn Lyn, Barry Livingston, Ronnie Troup, Tina Cole, Stanley Livingston, William Demarest, and extras in "My Three Sons," circa 1970 | Source: Getty Images

    Lyn also enjoys snorkeling in her free time, reading, and snuggling in with Reese to watch a good film. Although Lyn hasn’t been seen in any new roles as she grew older, she has engaged in multiple business ventures throughout the years. She cited her small stature as one of the reasons she failed to find more work in acting.

    However, Lyn didn’t let her size stop her. While she lived in San Francisco, Lyn used her business savvy to open a boutique on Pier 39, supporting herself until she and Reese moved away. While the actress hasn’t starred in any role in recent years, she admitted she is open to any parts that catch her attention.

    Lyn has also taken a gander at voice acting, starred in a few other TV shows, and even featured in a few films. Lyn also worked with new child actors and their parents, advising them about the industry, explaining what to expect, and how to handle all the challenges that come with it.

    While Lyn and Reese have been together for years, Reese isn’t the first man the actress has been married to. She married Michael Whitby in 1990, but the two went their separate ways in 2001. Reese and Lyn show no signs of separating, and Lyn is “very happy” to hear how her fans rooted for her while she was fighting for her life.

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